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For those going to the NCST game.

There will be a Buckeye Bash near their stadium. The Charlotte Alumni Club will have something to do with putting it together. The Raleigh club only has a few members so I don't think they will be much involved.
There will be a lot of NC Buckeyes there so you should stop by. I'll try to find more details and post them at some point in the future.

Of course, you my be looking for a bar to gather with other Buckeyes. Their main drag (hillsborough Street) next to campus has a lot of bars. More than High St in Cbus.
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Well I am pretty sure I am going...tix are in the works from the basketball coach at my school(pray please!!) and I know Sears, Turd, and Hawg are talking about coming to meet me. AVLuey wants me to pick him up on my way...maybe even Donny is going. I know I'd be interested in meeting up...knowing those guys, they will too
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I won't be able to get there until saturday morning...every friday night is booked through the fall :) so I expect you to have the post game spots all scouted out OB

EDIT: Damn meds ruining my typing ability
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I'll be there. Already paid for my tix. It's gonna be a blast. I can't get over how small their stadum looks (60k). We hould be able to get 10k OSU fans in there (5k allocated, 5k scalping) and really make some noise.
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Unfortunately there are not any bars relatively close to the stadium. The stadium is surrounded by a small paved area stretching into red clay and gravel, so hopefully it won't rain (too hard). It isn't like the Shoe in the sense you can get blasted at the varsity club and stroll over to your seats just before kickoff. The closest watering holes are "Playmakers"(~2mi.) and a newly constructed "Damon's" (~1mi). These are not friendly hikes, so plan for the immediate pre-game to be tailgating on No. Car. red clay.
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