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? for the coaches out there

Crump's brother

Moxahala Park Carnie/ Rehoboth Strangler
What offenses/defenses does your team run?
What are your coaching duties?
Feel free to go on and on about your team, philosophy, etc...

My team runs the Delaware Wing-T(not a big fan of it) and the 46 Bear defense. I really like the D, this will be our first full year running it. It allows us to get more athletes on the field, regardless of their size. The Wing T is good for us because we rarely get huge lineman. We need to rely on angles, quickness, and deception.

I am the O line coach, D line coach, and Special teams coordinator.
We run a Pro-I with an occasional Spread package. Averaging 275+ on the line this year with a bruising fullback (6' 1" 245, 4.8) and two burners battling for the TB. Weak at receiver and have a small but shifty QB who can scramble like hell.

Defensively, we run a slide 4-3 mostly, but we have been messing with a 4-6 this summer to maximize our speed on the edges.

We are young this year...the sophomores and juniors will be most of the starters. Might surprise some people this year, but will seriously make a run next year.

I coach only DB's this year as we moved to a split staff. Special Teams are done by committee.
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Grad- How's your feeder program? Ours runs a vanilla version of the varsity O and D. Kids come up after 2 years in the Middle School program,and they learn the offense in less than a week. I only ask this because so many varsity teams that I have been around treat JHigh/MSchool teams as just a nuisance.
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Honestly, the kids around here rarely qualify straight up. We've sent plenty to Clemson's JUCO pipline(Usually Georgia Military), but they rarely make it through.

Derek Ross was before my time down here, but I have coached against Derrick Hamilton (Dillon HS, Clemson, and now the 49ers), Eric Huggins (Conway and committed to Oklahoma now), and a few others that have not made a serious impact yet in college.

It breaks my heart everytime I see SC's single season rushing leader, who played for us three years ago and signed with Clemson only to flunk out of JUCO, peddling drugs on the corner. This area has incredible athletes who really cannot see the big picture and do not have the parental backing to realize the truths of life. We, as coaches, do our best to guide them, but in all reality, the kid has to believe...many never do.

Crump's brother said:
Grad- How's your feeder program? Ours runs a vanilla version of the varsity O and D. Kids come up after 2 years in the Middle School program,and they learn the offense in less than a week. I only ask this because so many varsity teams that I have been around treat JHigh/MSchool teams as just a nuisance.
The Jr Highs (2) run the same Offense, but a 4-3 has too many checks for young kids with limited brain capacity so we ask them to run a 5-3. We are in the process of working with the rec league coaches to implement the same schemes also.
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I'm not a coach, but my H.S team ran a 4-3 D (mostly) and generally lived in a 2-back set (I most of the time, some pro set, though). That might have something to do with the fact that our line averaged about 6'2, 305 lbs, and not TOO out of shape, though. Then again, one guy listed at 6'4 barely topped my shoulder (I'm a solid 6'2, at best). We just never seemed to win consistently. The coach was a real 3 yards and a cloud of dust type, and that only works with a viable passing attack to deflect the heat... unfortunately, that was our weak spot. The cool thing was, by the end of the season, we were so used to teams loading up against the run, that our tackles had gotten pretty good at shoving their man in front of a linebacker, sort of an inverse double team... you could delay the LB long enough for the back to squeak past, sometimes. DAMN funny thing to see on film review, and I bet our opponnents caught hell for letting it happen :)
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I handle the equipment and comm. gear for our team. We run a wishbone and a spread. Defensively, we have a base 4-3, but occasionally switch to a 50. Basically, our team's philosophy is that we WILL be stronger and better conditioned than any team on our schedule. We might not have the size every year, but we will be stronger and in better shape pound for pound. And generally, our kids are.......
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wishbone and a spread? Same personnel? Sounds like an odd combo to me. Of course, at the HS level (I'm assuming you're talking HS) maybe it's not so specialized so as to create personnel issues. I mean, as I sit here and think about it, say you've got 3 great backs and 5 great WR's that's all it really takes, physically. I gotta hand it to your coaching staff to teach two systems so different. Your line coach must be a genius to teach those kids vastly different blocking schemes... On the other hand, I'm just a laymen. Maybe it's not at all odd.
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I coach my son's youth football team, 5th and 6th graders, so I guess that I am one of those feeder programs. I am the offensive coordinator (as I was last year) but things change dramatically from year to year at this level. After one week of practice (and having the tailback break his arm) I still hope to use a power I and split back with the occasional T, ace, and bunch thrown in. Fortunately, I have the same QB as last year and he is very bright. Last year he was able to handle the no huddle with a small 4 play package that he had to call at the line. We will probably only throw 4 - 6 passes per game. With our roster set at 25 kids, and no one can play both ways, a strong ground game is very important.

On defense, it looks like either a 5 - 3 or a 4 - 4. This really depends on who steps up tomorrow at TB.

There isn't any communication down to our level on what type of offense or defense to run from the local high school (that kicks in in middle school); but there is some communication coming down to have the league youth coaches teach proper techniques. (I guess there have been a few rather bad coaches). Wish me luck in sorting out the TB position tomorrow evening at practice.
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