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For all those who think Bush is Tough on Terrorism

The alleged spokesman for al Qaeda said:

"it was not possible to find a leader "more foolish . . . who deals with matters by force rather than with wisdom."

Maybe they don't have mirrors in the Turd World. Like flying planes full of innocent people into tall buildings and bombing innocent people on trains is not dealing with matters by force rather than wisdom. The only way to fight fire is with fire. And, by the way, where is everyone that thinks that al Qaeda and Iraq are not related in anyway? All nations who harbor terrorists need to be put on notice that we are at war with them until they clean up the islamafacist pigs within their borders.
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When our enemies make public statements as these it is rather obvious that the war on terror has been very effective. Woody is naive enough to see some propaganda and actually take it seriously, or possibly and even worse, he is not wise enough to understand propaganda and it's uses throughout the history of warfare.
In early 1945 Hitler and Goebbels continued to tell the German people that the war was still being won and that the German people would eventually prevail. If woody were a German citizen during that time, I could see him sitting somewhere in Berlin listening to one of Goebbels speeches and afterwards believing all that he was told.(While bombs are falling all around him.)
Believe me, this statement by Al-Qaeda is simple confirmation that we are taking a real toll on them and their organization.
Woody, you may be a Columbia graduate and studying to be a lawyer, but once again I have seen the difference between intelligence and wisdom. You lack the latter.
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I have no idea what on earth you are talking about. What propaganda am I believing? Rather than call me naive for no apparent reason what so ever, maybe you should learn to read. If anything, you sound like a propaganda machine. Thank you for your idiotic and completely worthless post.
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Your post was titled "For all those who think Bush is tough on terrorism".
It's an obvious attempt to have us see the comments concerning Al Qaeda's supposed support for Bush and have us believe he isn't doing a good job at hurting these terrorist. Why else would you title it so?
You know exactly what I'm saying and now you are trying to back away from your own post due to your lack of wisdom and understanding of simple propaganda. You were so excited to see this article that you had to post it.
Now you look silly.

Or you could be so condenscending that you actually thought we'd see this thread and begin to worry and want Bush out of office.

The appeaser is the one feeding the crocodile and hoping it will eat him last. - Winston Churchill
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You are free to draw your own conclusion. This post is just an FYI. I'm not making any arguments, or else, I would have posted it on the "Kerry is strong on defense" thread or the "politics" thread.
"Reading is Fundamental"

Remember the old saying? Read my post. I'm not making any arguments. You want to talk wisdom? I seriously hope you have some football wisdom, because the only thing you have contributed to the general discussion board are weak attempts to flame and troll. Congradulations on identifying yourself as someone to be ignored.
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Yeah, it was the latter, you are a condenscending liberal who can't stand to be challanged. The rest of the world is not as ignorant and stupid as you may like to think.
I'd be very happy to be ignored by you. That only means you can't hang with intelligent and wiser posters.
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The thread starts with "For all those who think Bush is tough on terrorism, Al Queda has issued a statement supporting his re-election" with a link to an article.

I do not see any opinion being expressed by Woody1968. Please articulate the opinion that I seem to be missing.
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Yeah, it was the latter, you are a condenscending liberal who can't stand to be challanged.
You aren't challengeng anyone. All you are doing is projecting and attributing negative stereotypes of "liberals" onto me in response to my posts, without actually reading the posts first. Normally, debate happens when people lay out two well thought out and reasoned opinions, then discuss them. You, on the other hand, made the statement that I was unable to determine what is and what is not propaganda, without any statement from me that would indicate such a thing. You did the same thing on another thread, when you made the statement that I think conservatives are narrow-minded, or something like that. Again, I said no such a thing, and your statement about what I think a "conservative" is was completely false.

I'm sorry if you think I am condescending towards you, but I assure you, it is not for your political beliefs, but because you are simply being rude, or you just don't understand that people generally don't take kindly to having opinions and statements falsely attributed to them.
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