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All Galaxy
'14 NCAA Pick'em Champ
An ESPN promo, supposedly showing what life might be like without sports, features a young man wearing an Ohio State sweatshirt kissing a young woman wearing a scUM sweatshirt.
Says comedian Richard Lewis: "As a proud graduate of Ohio State, just the notion of a Buckeye considering a Wolverine as a significant other, lover, casual acquaintance, or, God forbid, a confidant, without some sort of gun to his/her head, not just baffles me, but leaves me with a bottomless pit of despair, and with a near death wish."

Well put. :oh: :io:
My wife was born in mishitgan. As soon as I found that out, I made her renounce the entire state and bathe in tomato juice. Luckily she only lived there for less than two years before she moved, so I was able to remove most of the taint. She's also a huge buckeye fan, so I've forgiven her....although I do have flashbacks every once in a while and start pelting her with tomato's.
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I grew up in the state of Michigan, but made the right choice when it came to college (The Ohio State University), and I hate the university of michigan. There is hope for people in tsun, but it's rare that it happens. As long as you can stay away from the large, sucking hole that is ann arbor, you're ok.
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jlb1705 said:
Depending on her level of hotness, I'd consider trying a conversion first. However, considering the type of chicks I can get, I'd probably just have dump her or kill her.

ditto, but my girl likes the scum so we go at it all week and day long. She is not a die hard fan of scum, like I'm a die hard Buckeye fan, she just does it to piss me off. I get mine when we screw the blue and she gets it also. :osu:
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"I would find out if see knows better first. I might be able to show her the error of her ways."

You could start with giving her a face full of some "Buckeye bukkake". Hmmm, I wonder if that should be abbreviated as "Buckake". :biggrin:
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