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hey guys

ok so after watching non stop football all last weekend, its time to play some tackle pigskin. me and some buddies decided to setup a game on Saturday September 25th at somewhere around 2:30pm. again it could be a lil later or a lil earlier. we will know for sure in a few days, when we know everyones schedule. last year we got a few 11 on 11 games going. so we are looking to do that again. if not a full 11 on 11, at least 7 on 7 or 8 on 8 for sure. if u wanna play, let me know. remember the buckeyes dont have a game that weekend, so playing on campus wont be a big problem. we will be playing at Beakman Park on the OSU campus. im sure most of you know where we are talking about. bu8t just in case u dont, Beakman is located on the west side of campus at the intersection of Lane Ave and Kenny Rd. let me know please if u would like to play or not. contact me ASAP by email [email protected] or IM me on AOL "foote5252" !! spread the word!

peace mike
thebkb said:
FKA - I'd stop you just by thinking about it.

BKB - vital stats

375 lbs
Bench: 1450
Squat: 2,675
40 time: 4.21 (non wind aided)
I once tacked a Mack truck doing 75mph on 270, just for kicks.

I'd play, but .. well... I'm a sissy.
You'd have to catch me. I don't like to brag, but I've actually been on TV. You can see me still late nights on the cartoon channel. For some reason they have my name spelled wrong - they have it "Mighty Mouse". Oh, well.
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you don't want none of me... I once scored 4 touchdowns in one game!!!

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Gentlemen, there's a real sport that also plays matches there. Check out wadc45's posts yesterday under the This Saturday thread. Give rugby a try. If you're dumb enough to go out and play tackle football with no equipment, you'll be perfect.
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FKAGobucks877 said:
Yeah, but I don't know the rules. Of course, if you drink first, you don't need to know the rules. Ok, I'll drink, and then play rugby. If everyone else is playing football, then I'll definitely win.
That's the spirit. Consumption of prodigious amounts of beer is required.
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