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Looking at other boards and ran across this post. Thought I would pass along as reminder to those buying tickets online, from unknown sources.

Sometimes it is hardest to admit your foolishness. But for the sake of everyone else out there...

This person took advantage of my kindness (helping out a recently divorced mother of 2) and my greed (i wanted good seats so my 7 year old daughter could join me at the games this year and actually SEE the game.)

He/she/it used Western Union and unbelieveably created a fake ID in one day to take my cash. Fortunately it was only $500. But I am pissed for being so stupid.

Does anyone know someone in the Santa Ana Police dept.? This is where the money was picked up. I doubt they will do much to help me.

I have a relative in the FBI that is trying to help me. But local help would be better.

Anyway, beware.
Jaxbuck said:
Bernard Rubble strikes again


Here is the police sketch of the suspect in this case:

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They might have a video of him still on file... most places these days have camera's set up to view folks entering/leaving the facility.

If you know the name it was under, they can check to see when he picked it up, then check that time on the tape and at least get a pic. of the guy.
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