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Football/BBall coaches for the next decade


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With Jim Tressel and Thad Matta in place, tOSU has great coaches for the 2 major revenue sports, and it seems that both of them will be at tOSU for many years to come.

Limiting the discussion to football and men's basketball, which other Division 1 Universities have 2 coaches that are both well-positioned for success over the next 10 years?

Here's a list to start the discussion, ranked in order of which pair of coaches I'd prefer:

tOSU - JT and Thad Matta (incoming AD Gene Smith can worry about other things)
Oklahoma - Bob Stoops and Kelvin Sampson
Texas - Mack Brown (yeah, yeah - but they're top-10) and Rick Barnes
Florida - Urban Meyer (still has to prove it in the SEC) and Billy Donovan
Arizona - Mike Stoops (building program) and Lute Olson (though Lute may retire in 5 years or so)
Louisville - Bobby Petrino (may leave soon for $) and Rick Pitino
Maryland - Ralph Friedgen (if his health holds) and Gary Williams
USC - Pete Carroll and incoming Tim Floyd
UConn - Randy Edsall (building well from scratch) and Jim Calhoun
Boston College - Tom O'Brien and Al Skinner (but the ACC will be tougher on both)

In the Big-10:

good combos:

Wisconsin - Barry Alvarez (but how long as both HC and AD) and Bo Ryan
Minnesota - Glen Mason and Dan Monson (both have improved their teams)
scUM St. - John L. Smith (still to prove it in big-10) and Tom Izzo
Iowa - Kirk Ferentz (doing great, but may leave for pros) and Steve Alford
Illinois - Ron Zook (not yet proven as HC) and Bruce Weber (only has 1 loss this year, but I can't recall it!)

OK combos:

Purdue - Joe Tiller (probably their best ever) and Matt Painter (replacing Gene Keady)
Indiana - Terry Hoeppner (new to Big-10) and Mike Davis
Northwestern - Randy Walker and Bill Carmody

AD's should be checking resumes:

Penn St. - JoePa (will need a new guy soon) and Ed DeChellis (had to look it up!)
scUM - LLLoyd (1-3) Carr (but please keep him so JT can keep whuppin' his ass!) and Tommy Amaker (depleted team lost 13 of last 14)
Good list.

In the Big 10, Davis is on the hot seat big time-next year or bust for him. Carr, IMO, is at scUM as long as he wants-an NC buys a lot of rope, and he has made consecutive Rose Bowl appearances in the last two years.

Out of conference, California and Washington have pretty darn good combos in Tedford/Braun and Willingham/Romar-that should stick around for quite a while, if they choose. I also think Shula is going to clean up the mess at Alabama and be around for some time, along w/ Mark Gottfried-one of the most underrated coaches in hoops,IMO.
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