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Don't know if folks outside Columbus are hearing these same commercials, but the local radio the past few days has been airing adds for Food Stamps.

Essentially it seems to be aimed at folks who may not be aware that food stamps are available to them or who don't realize they may qualify. In particular it highlights the case of someone who is working and doesn't realize that they can still get food stamps. I would assume that such an add is a response to a reduced demand for food stamps, leaving that particular department with a risk of personnel cutbacks and some extra dollars (but maybe it is something else). In any case it seems an interesting strategy in this age of local, state, and federal deficits.

I consider myself one of those 'compassionate conservatives' for the most part. But I am a bit confused when my tax dollars are used not only to provide food for those in need but also to buy advertising to convince folks that they are in need. Let's face it, if you can't feed your family you are looking for help and aren't likely to miss the food stamp option. These adds IMO are aimed at folks who are getting the kids fed but don't realize they can cash in on the taxpayer.

Any of the board liberals care to educate me on why adds for Food Stamps are a good use of my hard earned dollar? (Actually that's a lie - I haven't worked hard in seven years, but I still want to keep as many of my dollars as I can.)
You know I was listening to one of those comercials today and I thought the same thing.

I feel the same way about advertising the new $20 bill.

It is rediculous! That is why you can't blame the dems or republicans, they are all stupid, and waste our money, so they can spend our money, and raise our taxes.
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Advertising food stamps sounds like a rediculous waste of money to me. Just like advertising the 'new' medicare benifits. iirc, the GAO said those ads were 'misleading' - I was surprised to see it on the air last night. I think that ad campaign is costing us ~$25 million.
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