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2018 FL ATH Amari Burney (Florida Verbal)


Sine Labore Nihil
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Calvary Christian
Clearwater, FL
Ht: 6'1"
Wt: 201 lbs
Class: 2018 (High School)

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Rated as a top 10 safety in the country for 2018 by the 247 Composite. Haven't watched any film yet but I plan to. Florida juniors making unofficials to OSU in October with their parents get my attention. Florida is hot after him for sure and Auburn was his perceived leader at one point. Last I heard he is wide open after visits to UF, Alabama, USF, etc.
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“Ohio State and Florida (I have made good relationships with). I have a strong relationship with (Defensive Coordinator) Coach (Greg) Schiano and for Florida, (Offensive Coordinator) Coach Nussmeier.”

Both the Buckeyes and Gators have made early impressions on Burney after his experiences to each campus and gives his thoughts on them.

“Just the coaches and players,” said Burney of Ohio State. “I see what they are doing with the defensive backs and all the picks they had this year, so they must be doing something right. The fans are loyal. They were playing and winning by 50 or something and the fans came out 104,000, so that is a lot for just a little game.”
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"I'm visiting Ohio State on the 15th, and Virginia Tech on the 22nd," Burney said.

The Buckeyes provide a rich history between the white lines of the football field, but are also eager to help Burney reach new heights in the classroom and beyond.

"I think Ohio State is a great school on and off the field," Burney said. "They have a lot of success with getting guys prepared for the next level, whether that's the NFL or life in general.

"The staff is great and they all have a lot of success behind their names. Every staff member I spoke with talked to me like I was a member of the team and not just another recruit. Every time I speak with them, they speak very truthful about what they can do for me and I like that about them."
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