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First New Looks At Ghost Recon 4 And Splinter Cell 5 (EA Monopoly)


Stable Genius
You are creeping through a wooded area in Japan in Ghost Recon 4. You approach a clearing where you spot charlie in the distance. Just as you line up your, DJ Stryker makes an announcement on EA trax letting you know about yout next objective. Shortly after his announcement Ashlee Simpson sings her new and of course horrible song. You hit the white button to skip to the next track that dosn't suck, but there are only two so your choices are limited.

You kill charlie and resume through the clearing towards your next objective listening to Lil John (okay!). You are cleared of the opening and are once again heading into the dense jungle. DJ stryker warns you of enemies approaching and "they'll soon be up in yo grill" you continue and pass a billboard advertising Tiger Woods 2006 and Best buy. One of your squadmates who is voiced by Steve-O tells you as he downs charlie in the distance. Just then he's blown up by a stray grenade thrown by another squadmate (voiced by carmen electra). You decide to call it quits anyways cause you got an invite from a friend on Live. But of course invites crash your xbox so you have to exit out and enter your friends game through the friends list. Oh and by the way the soundtrack skips on live and causes freezes so you have to play without music. Once you finally change your settings so you can join your friends you get in and your friends aren't appearing online. You know that you have about 5 friends on, but your friend list says 0. You decide to chance it by selecting the friend that invited you and your xbox freezes, and when you load up your profile your save is now corrupted.