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He's back and better than ever!
  • Here is a look back.....Finally got this pic uploaded I am the one with the goatee, Thump is the tall one. 16 rows back from the endzone. Go Bucks!!
    was that the K state game or miami?

    I was sitting in that same section for the K-state game (if that is the endzone where Santonio caught his touchdown where he barely got one foot in bounds)

    my wife had a huge sign that said "Your not in Kansas anymore"
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    Way back when the site was only on-line for a couple months or so, someone suggested that we have a member's photo thread where picture would be posted and everyone would try to guess who those members were (I think you had to e-mail the photos to one of the mods who was the thread-meister, and he'd post them so that folks couldn't go by who posted the photo). I ended up posting my own photo and had to remove it since I gave myself away. Don't know whatever became of the thread, or if anyone else wants to start a separate one.
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