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Favorite stand up comedians


I give up. This board is too hard to understand.
Reading about Rodney Dangerfield got me thinking ( I know... that could be dangerous). Who are your favorite Stand Up Comedians? This shouldn't be a top 5 or 10 of all time.... just who you like.

Well known favorites:

1) George Carlin - funniest man on the planet. He really can't be put in one category but should defiantly belong in here as a stand up. I saw him last year in person and it was the best show I have ever seen.

2) Robin Williams - he goes 90mph all the time. Some people don't like him... I think he's hilarious.

3) Eddie Murphy - Raw and Delerious... nuff' said.

Lesser know (check them out if you haven't seen them)

1) Brian Regan - one of the funniest "clean" comics I have ever seen. I laugh just thinking about his bits about the spelling bee and the donut lady. How this guy doesn't have his own show is beyond me. He belongs right under Carlin for me. http://www.brianregan.com/index.shtml

2) Carlos Mencia, will tell it like it is, from the street. http://www.carlosmencia.com/

3) Robert Schimmel - the guy battled cancer and kept his sense of humor... gotta love him. http://www.robertschimmel.com/

4) Dave Attell - a little more main stream because of his success with Insomniac. He was one of my favorites long before that show. http://www.daveattell.com/

5) Louis CK, this man brought us Pootie Tang! www.louisck.com
I think Ellen is hilarious. Her part Dory in Finding Nemo is great...and her HBO standup had my sides hurting. I also enjoy George Carlin...I have two of his books...i'm not sure if he has anymore. I love what he has to say and his delivery is great. I think Ellen has better delivery and Carlin has better material. And ANDY KAUFMAN!!!! What can I say. I think he may be the funniest man ever to have lived.
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And the darkhouse award goes to...Bob Sagat.

For those of you who haven't seen Danny Tanner being nasty as he wants to be, well you missed out on something special. And weird.

My choice for numero uno is Chris Rock in his first HBO special: Bring the Pain. The "tossed salad man" as a solution to the world's problems was well before its time. His Colin Powell skit, and his sympathetic OJ stuff were classic.
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Richard Pryor is the the comedy GOD!!!!! No one else even comes close.....
I recently saw Artie Lange in Vegas and he was fuckin' awesome, although not in a league w/ the all time greats
I have seen some old stuff of Henny Youngman and he was great as well
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Pick one
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Church League Softball isn't Rodney it is Tim WIlson, I think. Rodney's best stuff is on his Morning Wood CD. I know all the words and I still cry laughing.

Chris Rock - I love when he cracks on the white folks in the audience.
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ANDREW DICE CLAY. The Day the Laughter Died is by far the most histerical comedy CD of all time.

Other notables: Kevin Pollack, his William Shatner impersonation/Star Trek skit is awesome. Jay Mohr is a one trick pony, but his Christopher Walken impression is histerical.
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