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Favorite/least favorite non-OSU, non-scUM big 10 players


I pretty much just included current NFL players (is Dayne still in the NFL?)

Mike Alstott - personifies big 10 football
Troy Vincent
Antwaun (sp?) Randaal El (hard to believe, but Indiana has sent better QBs to the NFL than OSU - also Trent Green - although El isn't a QB)
Tim Dwight - great talent

Least favorites:
Ron Dayne - I still can't believe this carbon blob ran all over us
Plexico Burress- no explanation necessary
Simeon Rice - dumbass
F: (I may like these players but I hate to play against them; Leonhard doesn't seem too effective against us to my recollection. I have seen him do some amazing things on TV; but I think Davis is really good)
Jim Leonhard: Wisconsin
Anthony Davis: Wisconsin

Drew Brees
Zach Mills
Ron Dayne
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