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BPCFFB League #2 League Champion 2008 & 2010
For all those that participate how are things going? I'm currently winning my leauge, but have a few problems. I keep starting guys that end up sitting some games, anyone know how to find out if they're playing that night. I've lost Bradley, Javy Lopez and Lance Nix all this weekend. On another note...how long is too long, to wait on some guys. I've been holding out on Brian Giles, you'd think he was going to start doing something, and he has a little bit of late. But he keeps killing my averages. I gave up on Rocco Baldelli recently....and cut Jeremt Burnitz about 3 weeks ago (now he's hot). Just picked up Jon Lieber... hopefully his Tommy John operation is fully healed. Anyway just some thoughts.
I've got three teams (1st, 2nd, &4th places). I lost two games tonight by a point. J.D. Drew, a starter on both teams, sat out at the last minute with a stiff neck. Last week J. Lopez, a starter on two of my teams, made the decision to sit out two games "just to make sure my hamstring is OK.". I've never seen so many guys sit out for such little things in my life. Or so many guys on the DL. The only advice I can give is to watch transactions closely. Guys with little patience will get rid of veterans who start slowly. Pick them up. If they have produces consistantly before, they will again. Don't get too excited about rookies. Try to get uneven trades with teams doing poorly right now. Good luck.
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