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Fan's response to Cooper article


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  • I laughed at a comment made by a Buckeye "fan" in the ESPN article "All breeds are welcome in the mailbag" who wrote to responded to Ivan Maisel's earlier article on John Cooper. This "fan" said:

    We obviously are very happy with the job that Coach Tressel has done with the program, but I think our recruiting, especially outside the state of Ohio will be hurt by the absence of Coach Cooper.

    Matthew Gifford

    Well, Matt, I have a suggestion for you. Follow the recruiting program, goofus.
    Most Recent Mailbag (maisel) Hilarity

    Yet another perspective on your well-written and caring column on John Cooper. I know that Michigan fans are often stereotyped as brash, egocentric blowhards, and I just wanted to demonstrate the inaccuracy of this image by seconding your commendation of Coach Cooper. John Cooper is, without a doubt, the greatest coach in the history of college football. I, for one, was devastated when he was let go at Ohio State, for no longer would I be able to watch near-NFL caliber teams like those he put together in 1995 and 1996. Man, those teams were practically invincible! No, I'm telling you, John Cooper was a dream come true, and we miss him on the sidelines to this day -- and again, I'm a Michigan fan, so I'd have no reason to say that if it wasn't true!

    Dave Callaham
    Los Angeles

    I'd react, but Dave's tender, heartfelt letter has made me tear up.

    That last part was Maisel. This Callaham dude is hilarious.
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