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Faculty ticket help!


Aug 25, 2015
Due to my lack of attention to detail I recently purchased 2 faculty OSU home opener tickets, and I'm not faculty. In the disclosure it said ID is required. I was so excited to get the tickets that I ignored that part. (First Buckeyes game for me) Anyway, I've heard some red coats will let you in anyway, and some wont. I've heard of people who have gotten in no problem with faculty tickets, and I've heard some people have had no luck. So I'm asking if anyone here has had a similar issue, or has some knowledge on the issue. Any help is much appreciated.

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Oct 8, 2007
I acquired/used faculty tickets a few years ago and didn't have any problems (and without an ID). I sat in row 4, which offered a great view (free from poles) and was out of the rain. If you're further back, you may have to contend with poles obstructing your view. If that's the case, then perhaps you might want to play it safe, sell your tickets, and buy new ones. Just a thought...
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Apr 6, 2004
Camp Hill, PA
I bought season tickets from a faculty member in 06. He told me I could have him upgrade them, but it would cost me more. Since I live 6 hours away, and I was planning on re-selling most of them...I had him upgrade. But what he told me, and what I've read in other places, is that if you just find a busy enough entry...they don't really check IDs.

Obviously there's risk involved there. And I don't know if they've moved on from just having ticket takers look at IDs vs some kind of scanning system. If it's still just somebody looking at IDs, I would try it. If the person asks to see your ID, act like you forgot it and move on to the next entry.
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