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"F**k Michigan" shirt at Purdue/scUM game!

That's the game I have too Loky. However, I am watching the ND - Boston College game on NBC.

It's hard to believe Notre Dame is winning this game...I don't think they are going to if BC continues to outplay them.
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Notre Dame/BC was a good game regardless of who won (sorry NDCheif). I was switching back and forth from that one to the FSU game.... too bad Wake didn't have any offense or they could have pulled the upset. Now I'm watching the movie Blow on USA :)
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I was at this game... broke my heart into a million pieces, it did. At least UM gave us the recipe for stopping PU recievers (which I could have told you). Man up and press. They're not overly fast.

P.S. I had a shirt a friend made for me on. Picture of a UM player being stepped on... didn't really want to wear anything w/ Purdue logo on it.
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