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LGHL Ezekiel Elliott's moved into the Top 6 on Mel Kiper's latest mock draft

Alexis Chassen

Ezekiel Elliott's moved into the Top 6 on Mel Kiper's latest mock draft
Alexis Chassen
via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
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Will teams be willing to take a running back in the Top 10?

"Kiper has the Ravens taking Ohio State running back Ezekiel Elliott at No. 6 overall in his fourth mock draft, which represents a considerable curveball to what most experts are thinking."

- Jamison Hensley, ESPN

With three weeks until the NFL Draft, experts and analysts have a fluid idea of where players might land. For a Baltimore team that needs to add depth and talent to their defense, storied mock draft expert Mel Kiper is now predicting the Ravens add a weapon on offense instead.

There's been a lot of debate about how high a running back should be taken, and whether teams should take the best player available or the best one to fit their specific needs. Elliott is likely to be one of the highest drafted running backs in the past few years, but will he crack the top 10?

Should the Ravens have serious intentions on drafting Elliott at No. 6, they'll have to bet on the Cowboys not taking him two spots earlier. The coaching staff from Dallas has met with several Buckeyes this offseason, even coming to Columbus earlier this week for several prospect workouts -- including Zeke.

"I think he's a talented individual, he can do a lot of different things and we'll find a way to showcase his talent and ability. We all know he's gifted in a lot of different areas so we'll see what we can put together to give him a chance to have success."

- Hue Jackson via Josh Alper, NBC Sports

After a few seasons of bouncing from team to team, and rarely seeing time as a starter, quarterback Terrelle Pryor had a choice to make. He decided ahead of the 2015 season to switch from quarterback to wide receiver. The move immediately drew renewed interest from teams, eventually landing with the Cleveland Browns for - some of - the season.

Pryor was an unrestricted free agent heading into 2016, but the team decided to extend a qualifying offer, landing the now-receiver for at least one more season. The move came as little surprise knowing that the Browns new head coach Hue Jackson prefers tall wideouts and has a history with Pryor from their time with the Raiders.

With so many roster questions for the team, Jackson hasn't decided what position(s) he wants to see Pryor in to start the season. Will the team try and use him at quarterback? Might he take snaps from the wildcat - circa Braxton Miller in 2015? Or maybe they'll use him at multiple positions for the duration of the season?

"In the second set of winter Learfield Sports Directors' Cup standings, Ohio State has climbed to second behind a second-place finish in fencing and a ninth-place finish in women's basketball."

- Ohio State Buckeyes

Second only to Stanford isn't such a bad place to be, especially when it's one spot ahead of rival Michigan.The Learfield Sports Directors' Cup is a joint effort between the National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics (NACDA) and USA Today with points awarded based on each institution's finish in up to 20 sports -- 10 women's and 10 men's.

The points earned by the fencing and women's basketball team are in addition to a third-place wrestling finish and a seventh-place spot earned by the rifle team. The next Division I winter standings will be released April 14.

"The New England Patriots safety and special-teams ace scored a try in his return to rugby sevens at the Hong Kong 10s on Wednesday for the Samurai 7s."

- Doug Kyed, NESN

Nate Ebner was always an intriguing football player, even at Ohio State, where he joined the squad halfway through his college career. Football was always his No. 2, and he made that abundantly clear ahead of the 2016 season.

Just weeks after signing a new two-year deal with the Patriots, Ebner requested a leave of absence to pursue a chance to join the United States rugby Olympic team. In his younger years, he was lauded as a rugby player both here and internationally.

His love of the sport comes from his late-father, and he intends to honor him on his way to Rio to compete among the best in the world. He's already moving up the ranks in Team USA rugby sevens, joining the active roster against Hong Kong -- where he scored his first goal.

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