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I've always liked them

26 minutes of love for a slice of pizza

Italian dietician Bruno Fabri developed a detailed table for those wishing to loose a few extra pounds by means of...sex.

If one wishes to burn all the calories from pizza, he/she ought to make passionate love in the course of 26 minutes. French kiss, which lasts for 53 minutes is capable of burning the amount of fat that one gets after consuming a bag of French fries and a hamburger. 15 minutes of oral sex "eliminates" a glass of wine.

Mr. Fabri has even taken into account the amount of calories one burns when undoing a partner's bra. If a man uses both hands, he burns only 8 calories; whereas the entire procedure is done with one hand, 18 calories is burnt. At the same time, if a man attempts to conduct this procedure with his mouth, he will use up to 87 calories.