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Everyone make it through Frances?


I give up. This board is too hard to understand.
Here in Bradenton/Sarasota it wasn't too bad. Very windy and a ton of rain. The winds here were around 40 - 50 mph, just enough to make trees lose some branches and blow the debris around the streets. We never lost power but my sister in Riverview has been without since 11am yesterday. A friend who lives just west of Orlando didn't have it too bad either.

Hope everyone made it through OK.... don't forget that Ivan is coming and could be here next weekend :pissed: :pissed:
248,000 of us here in J-ville are without power. I just came up about 3 hours ago after being down for about 15 hours. Had plenty of food and drinks in the coolers. Filled the bathtub with water and lots of candles. The games on ESPNgameplan were interrupted emensly because of the winds, rains and clouds. No damage to my place but others were not so fortunate. Most damage was from old trees that could not take the pressure and fell on power lines and houses. Many I/sections do not have working lights. Here on this one you really have to be a curtious and defensive driver. Many ATM's and gas stations are not accessible yet. Still lots of rain coming down and ya just gotta get out for awhile .........cabing fever sets in quickly.
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This isn't a great picture but I saw this on TV. This guy was reporting and a tree fell behind him. It was so close the branches hit him in the head. another foot closer and he may have been really hurt.


here are some pictures from the hurricane....


What is the early word on Ivan? Category?

From the weather channel:

Ominously, even before Frances can depart the scene, a new tropical danger has emerged. Weaker but still powerful Hurricane Ivan is racing toward the Lesser Antilles, and hurricane warnings have been hoisted for Barbados and the Windward Islands. Ivan is expected to smash through the islands tomorrow, then plow into the eastern Caribbean by late tomorrow where it is likely to strengthen to a very dangerous category 4 hurricane and draw a bead on Hispaniola. It's not out of the question that Ivan could become a threat to the southeastern U. S.--including, unfortunately, Florida--by the weekend.

right now it is a cat 3, It's tracking more south than it was before but it's headed for Florida. I think you're safe from a direct hit in the Carolinas.

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osugrad21 said:
Grazie Loky..I hate that Florida is getting pounded though

no problem :)

Ivan is going to a bitch where ever it makes landfall. It went from a tropical storm to a cat 3 in 21 hours... that's insane. This is going to be another big one. I hope we get lucky and it heads for Mexico.
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I have a strong feeling alot of us here in Florida will have our Home owners insurance policys cancelled because of the damages inccured in the aftermath of canes Charley and Frances. If Ivan comes aboard again, I am thinking about moving back to Y-town. I still can shovel snow pretty good.
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kippy1040 said:
I have a strong feeling alot of us here in Florida will have our Home owners insurance policys cancelled because of the damages inccured in the aftermath of canes Charley and Frances. If Ivan comes aboard again, I am thinking about moving back to Y-town. I still can shovel snow pretty good.

I hear ya Kippy! I'm glad you guys made it through OK. I've only been here for a month so I guess I've seen the worst of what we can get. It can only get better from here. Gotta love this Flordia weather.
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I have been helping friends removing debris and tree limbs all over the place. We went to buy a couple of chain saws. No luck. We went to 5 outlets and not one to be had. Funny thing,,, friday afternoon there were oodles of chain saws and generators but now............nothing.
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We made it but what a pain in the ass!! I lost power Sunday at noon, my ESTIMATE for power return comes after 8pm Thursday night!! Thats not power, thats my estimate of when they can get to me. I did 3 hardcore days at the house with no AC/TV etc but last night we decided to find a hotel and stay their the rest of the week.

You want the definition of Irony? Going to a beach to find electricity after a hurricane.

Anyway, sucks mightily for some of us on the electricity front but the damage was minimal.

I am serious as a heart attack if Ivan impacts us in any way shape or form I am moving back to Ohio. Depending on what goes down on the insurance front we might be anyway.
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I made it through unscathed in Riverview - never lost any utilities and no flooding. My friend in Apollo Beach wasn't so lucky - he lost his power Sunday morning and still doesn't have it back. The crappiest part of it all is that its localized to his street - his neighbors across the canal have had power for a couple days now. They've been staying at my house since then, and I can tell he feels bad about staying over so long - but he's a buckeye and I know he'd do the same for me so I don't feel put out at all by it. LoKY - there was a ton of buckeyes at the Brandon BW's on Saturday, hope you can make it up for a game...
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I have a friend who just move to orlando a few months ago. I called her last friday to see how she was doing. She was like jesus orlando hasnt been hit by a hurricane in forever, and now in 6 weeks all hell breaks lose.
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lucko... my sister went through the same thing as your friend in Riverview. All her neighbors had power except for her and the house behind her. They got power back on yesterday at 6AM. If power wasn't on by 9am or 10am they were going to head down to stay with my parents in Bradenton. My first Saturday off I want to head up to BW's to catch a game... problem is I don't know if that will happend any time soon. Unfortunatly Saturdays are busy for me at work.

Ivan keep drifting more and more south.... let's hope it stays that way. I hope it doesn't make a right turn once in the Gulf and hit the west coast of Florida like Charlie did.

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