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Eval of our roster by "Scoots64"


This is a very good post put together by one of the best talent evaluators over on bucknuts. Enjoy !!!

Point Guards:

Shaun Smith – Sr. – 5’10” – 180 lbs. -- #24

Low Down: Fourth year walk on that was awarded a schollie by O.B. for his upcoming Sr. season – good practice player & the team cheer leader – great kid to have on the team – was 100% from the floor last year (1-1) -- enjoy your Sr. season.

PT: Nah – who needs it – mop up duty.

Last Years Stats: 0.5 ppg – 0.3 rpg – 0.1 apg – 1.2 mpg

Brandon Fuss-Cheatham – Jr. – 6’1” – 200 lbs. -- #2

Low Down: True PG – great handle – can really push the ball up the court -- quickest guy on the team – has not been healthy during his first 2 seasons at OSU – has struggled shooting – spent the summer working on his shooting with his former HS coach back home in PA – hard to believe he simply can’t shoot when he averaged about 30 ppg in HS – let us hope he found his stroke this summer.

PT: His PT will be directly related to rather or not he found his shooting stroke over the summer – if so, he could play major minutes, if not, he may just offer spot relief at the point – he will play but how much is in his hands.

Last Years Stats: 1.6 ppg – 2.4 rpg – 1.5 apg – 15.2 mpg

Tony Stockman – Jr. – 6’1” – 180 lbs. -- #10

Low Down: Can play the point or shooting guard – very good handle – streaky shooter but when he is on - he is on – very good range on his J -- strong passer but might use a little to much mustard at times when its not needed – defensive looks to be good but not great – did not have a great summer at the MSL but his fellow players informed me he was a “beast” in the OSU open gyms this summer.

PT: He will play & may play a lot – his PT will be directly affected by the constancy of his shooting & the development of Fuss or lack there of – he most likely sees time at the point & shooting guard positions.

Last Years Stats: Transfer from Clemson – sat out last year.

Shooting Guards:

Rick Billings – So. – 6’3” – 210 lbs. -- #15

Low Down: Very athletic – mad hops (can really play above the rim for a guy his size) -- can take to the hole & finish – needs to work on his J as it is inconsistent but has range to the 3 point line – very good rebounder – plays solid defense – best of all the kid just goes about his business giving a workman like effort – had a somewhat quite but very productive MSL session – his handle is good but not great.

PT: He sees the floor this year but how much – at least as a role player & if things fall right for him perhaps major minutes – the dilemma here is that he does not have the handle to play the point & is a little undersized to play the Wing IMHO (although he could play the wing in a pinch) – with a little more consistency on his J, however, he could start at shooting guard.

Last Years Stats: Prop 48 – sat out last year.

Nick Dials – Fr. – 6’1” – 175 lbs. -- #12

Low Down: I have never seen him play – a couple of reliable sources that have seen him play tell me that he reminds them of Jay Burson in that he does not pass the look test until you put a basketball in his hands & then he surprises you – kudos to him for joining the team with scholie offers in hand from other D1 programs – the kid must be able to play as his name appears in the State of Ohio High School Record Book at least 20 times – I, for one, hope he has much success at OSU.

PT: Although a preferred walk-on, with every opportunity to earn playing time, it likely will be tough for Nick to get much PT this year – his chances improve greatly if he has the skills to play the point as well at this level – I base this only on first hand knowledge of the other guards on the team – maybe he just outright earns PT this season – that would make quite a statement with the talent on this team.

Last Years Stats: True Freshman


J.J. Sullinger – So. – 6’5” – 200 lbs. -- #0

Low Down: Very athletic -- great leaper, but beyond that has this ability to just kinda hang in the air – very strong taking it to the hoop & can finish – plays hard all the time – rebounds very well particularly for his size – his outside shoot is questionable & needs work – good defender – can play above the rim -- free throw shooting could be a question mark – has a warrior mentality on the floor – had an excellent MSL session.

PT: I just do not see how you can keep him off the floor – yet he might not even start – can play the shooting guard position as well which is a big plus – I think he plays a lot this season.

Last Years Stats: Transfer from Arkansas – sat out last year

Matt Slyvester – So. – 6’7” – 205 lbs. -- #40

Low Down: More athletic then most think – very good hops & can play above the rim – his jumpshot (particularly the 3) vastly improved over the summer – needs to play hard the whole game – his defense is better but still needs work – this kid has the tools (hope the light comes all the way on) – had a really solid MSL session – passes well & sees the floor very well -- could play the shooting guard in a pinch but is a natural Wing.

PT: He will play & may play quite a bit – he will make his own bed here – if he buckles down, plays hard at all times & digs in on the defensive side, he will play a lot – the offensive skills are there – but again there is this depth thing at work – lol.

Last Years Stats: 5.7 ppg – 2.8 rpg – 1.5 apg – 21.6 mpg

Power Forwards:

Shun Jenkins – Sr. – 6’6” – 240 lbs. -- #50

Low Down: This guy is simply a load – a little undersized as far as height but that is where it ends – very strong – plays above the rim – excellent rebounder – could use more post moves – his J is definitely suspect, ok, non-existent – but will play his role well – solid defender but needs to avoid the stupid foul -- can play center in a pinch but is a natural PF -- had a very good MSL session & looks comfortable in Cbus this year.

PT: He will definitely play a role this year – might even start -- look for Shun to do all the things that need done but nobody likes to do, such as dive for loose balls, out work his opponent, rebound but get very few offensive looks, etc. – the development of Ivan Harris & health of TD will be a factor in the minute he gets.

Last Years Stats: 5.1 ppg – 6.1 rpg – 0.2 apg – 23.1 mpg

Charles Bass – So. – 6’9” – 190 lbs. -- #1

Low Down: Ton of upward potential if he gets stronger – looks to have beefed up his upper body a lot since last year but still needs lower body strength – natural shot blocker – pair of the longest arms you will ever see – has some good post moves but still needs to get more fluid with them & add to the arsenal – a year to get stronger would be a plus – missed most of the MSL but played well near the end of the session -- his Jumper is not bad but has very limited range.

PT: Hopefully he redshirts as O.B. indicated late last year.

Last Years Stats: 0.6 ppg – 1.2 rpg – 0.1 apg – 4.7 mpg

Ivan Harris – Fr. – 6’8” – 220 lbs. -- #3

Low Down: Good frame for an incoming freshman – a true 6’8” – needs to add strength – nice range on his J when he gets his feet set (to about the 3 point line) – plays hard – needs to improve his post moves – rebounds well – had a fair MSL session but got a little lost on the stacked DSW Team – has more skill then any incoming freshman at the PF then I can remember in a long time.

PT: He plays for sure but how much – it depends on improved strength & picking up O.B.’s system – a contributor this season for sure.

Last Years Stats: True Freshman


Velimir Radinovic – SR. –7’ – 250 lbs. -- #14

Low Down: One of only a few true centers in the Big Ten this season – nice touch on his J up to about 15 feet – good free throw shooter for a big guy (74% last season) – has a few post moves but could use a few more – needs to be more aggressive – needs to work harder on defense – played only a few games at the end of the MSL session & did not look sharp but a true center seldom looks good in the run-n-gun summer league style of play -- if he ever figures out that he is bigger then everyone else on the floor – look out - but he is running out of time.

PT: He plays & plays a lot – most likely a starter as he is a Sr. in O.B.’s scheme – could be a force if the light bulb goes off.

Last Years Stats: 9.3 ppg – 6.1 rpg – 1.5 apg – 25.7 mpg

Matt Marinchick – Jr. – 6’10” – 260 lbs. -- #54

Low Down: Plays soft for a guy his size – decent range on his J (to about 15 feet) – gets pushed around to much – needs to get & play much stronger – did not flourish in the MSL -- another year of mop up duty I fear.

PT: Mop up duty & practice player.

Last Years Stats: 1.3 ppg – 0.6 rpg – 0.1 apg – 4.6 mpg

Terence Dials – So. – 6’9” – 260 lbs. -- #34

Low Down: Coming off the back injury of last years medical redshirt season – looks to have added strength (utilizing the look test) – very strong – needs to play hard at all times – strong to the hoop but his post moves need work – no sign of a jumper (that I have seen) – strong rebounder – will be interesting to see how he bounces back – was held out of the MSL to avoid further injury but should be ready to go from day one.

PT: He plays & most likely a lot – his PT will largely depend on how he bounces back from the injury & a year off.

Last Years Stats: 7.0 ppg – 5.8 rpg – 0.9 apg – 22.5 mpg (6 games prior to his injury)

This & That: The battle for PT will be fierce & who ends up starting is anybody’s guess. I won’t even hasten a guess at how many minutes any single player will get. A few things do stand out to me when surveying the up coming seasons roster:

1) This is the deepest team O.B. has had at OSU.
2) Also, the most athletic team O.B. has had at OSU.
3) Chemistry is a question mark as there are 5 first year players on the roster (although Stockman & Sullinger did practice with the team last season).
4) It is not apparent to me who the go to guy at crunch time is on this team – every great team has one.
5) I see an 8 or 9 man rotation by the time the Big Ten season rolls around – that leaves some serious talent on the pine.
6) If we do not contend for the Big Ten Title & make a good run in the NCAA Tourney – we should be disappointed.