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ESPN's biggest blown calls of all time.

I was watching that and waiting to spout off if they included us.

They did point out the 1972 Olympic basketball game - I remember my dad fuming about our "loss" to Russia years later. . .
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No, It was a short series of clips that Sportcenter did on TV this morning.
I can't recall all of the bad calls but I'll try to name a few.

World series. Cards vs. Royals. A badly missed call on a play at first that lead to several Royals runs and a win.

Stanley Cup. Dallas vs. Buffalo. Dallas scored while a skate was very cleary inside the crease. (Today, this would be ok)

USSR vs. USA 1972 Olympics basketball. This was one of the biggest scams of all time.

NCAA football. Colorado vs. Missouri. Not only did the Buffalo's get to run 5 goal line plays without a first down, It didn't even look like they scored on their 5th play and it was ruled a TD.

That's all I can remember at this time.
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It was on this morning's Sportscenter at 9:00 (actually, this part was at about 9:45).

Edit: a little late on my post.

Also on there was a home run by Jeter in 1996 where a fan actually leaned over the wall and caught the ball. The game was against Baltimore in the postseason.

Another bad call highlighted was when an Argentinian soccer player (Maradona I think) scored a goal with his fist and the refs didn't notice. The game was in Mexico in 1986 against England in the World Cup.
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Do you refer to the un-called fouls against Shaq or his super-travelling?

I recorded the games and sometimes you can show him stopping dribbling, taking three steps, jumping, landing, and then jumping. Five steps total and no travelling.

Of course, he got hacked a bunch too without many foul calls. . .

Great series.
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kinch said:

Do you refer to the un-called fouls against Shaq or his super-travelling
Actually both...every time he touches the ball he is hacked mercilessly but then again every time he dips that shoulder could be considered an offensive foul also. Kobe travels everytime he drives to the hoop...

God Bless College Sports
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I am imagining that was the Florida/Atlanta deciding game in 1997 with Livan Hernandez pitching Dixie. They still talk about that once a game (at least) on TBS during Braves games (and the umpire was Eric Gregg I think).
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