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ESPN Insider review: NCState


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Not that i care....just posting more info.

OSU run offense vs. NCState run defense
Advantage: NCState

OSU pass offense vs. NCState pass defense
Advantage: OSU

NCState run offense vs. OSU run defense
Advantage: Draw

NCState pass offense vs. OSU pass defense
Advantage: OSU

Special teams: Draw

Bottom Line: OSU 27, NCState 21

when was the last time our run offense was a disadvantage compared to our pass offense? :lol:
What does NC State have in terms of special teams to make this a draw? With Nuge, you're basically guaranteed 3 points and a touchback. Our return team is much improved over the past two years. The only weekness I have seen thus far on special teams is the punting and punt coverage.
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haha....it said their kicker has made 2 of 3 FGs and is averaging over 50 yards on punts. it says nothing in the entire article about their only opponent of the season....yet it praises their run defense which has "made major improvements from last year." :lol:

i think the draw came from their punt/kick blocking skills. apparently they lead the country with 31 blocks over the last 3 years.
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If I really stretch the meaning of that comparison, it seems like we're about to get in a shootout with an ACC team... and we're supposed to beat them doing it.

Hmmm... I'll beleive it when I see it.
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(9/17/04 12:37:07 pm)
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This one takes the cake!! <HR SIZE=1>Picks: Southern Hospitality
Auburn's running game will be too much for LSU, while N.C. State is poised to knock off Ohio State. This weeks best bet includes N.C. State because they have had this game circled for months on their game callender. N.C. State is beggining to become one of the more dominating football programs in collage football. <!--EZCODE BOLD START-->With the decline of Ohio State football<!--EZCODE BOLD END-->, N.C. State should have no problems.

This is from ESPN insiders. I haven't stopped laughing yet<!--EZCODE EMOTICON START :rollin -->
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I'll get rid of it...I thought it was really funny even though it was sad about his death. I guess I just feel like it's been long enough. We all should be lucky enough to live as great of lives as Dale did.
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