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Is it just me, or all of you buckeyes who have to watch the game out of state worried that your gameplan package won't work? I'm in Pa, and comcast is supposabaly(sp) having problems. This game better come on... There is no way for me to check until the game comes on though.
I'm worried about it too. We just got it hooked up yesterday, and Adelphia told us it would be working today. But the lady at the office had NO business working for a cable company. She couldn't answer any of our questions. Grrr. It better work, or we're gonna raise hell!
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Cox cable in the southwest assures me I am signed up, and, in fact, the online TV guides show the Cincy game as one provided (although not until Friday, which drives me nuts.) Usually there is some trouble engineering wise the first game each year as the techno guys figure out how to make the feed work. Then it is usually OK subsequently. I am always wary about their consistency, however.
The long wait is over. Go Bucks!
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I have digital Adelphia, and unless you order the entire gameplan, you're out of luck sushi. They told me it was a recent policy change. I told them DirectTv will be getting a call from me after the game. I can't believe i'm paying $100/month for this shit.
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My good friends at Comcast in Virginia have once again tinkered with their service. Gameplan is no longer offered. I'd have to move 20 miles west to get it. Had to watch the game at my neighbor's house. He has DirecTV.

Of course, my rates keep going up!
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