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ESPN GameDay pulls plug on ND/scUM

bucknut74: "Perhaps they're guessing that the FSU/Miami game will get rescheduled...again."

The Friday night reschedule was a bad idea. Friday nights should be spent in search of poo-nanny to pound, not pigskin to watch.
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Poor Notre Dame, they hinted to this on air after ND lost. Herbie said something to the extent of "we were going to Notre Dame Michigan next week... but now who knows." Don't know where gameday will go... my guess would be Texas at Arkansas...with texas trying to get revenge for last years loss at home.
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jlb1705: "Your post and avatar have combined to give me the image of Brent Musberger saying "poonanny" and trolling for hookers."

Disclaimer: I am not really Brent Musberger. I am Josh Jackson, former placekicker for the Buckeyes in the 90's.
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Maybe it's cause I've been married a long time, or maybe it's because I don't have the rugged good looks, smooth moves and storied career of a Josh Jackson, but I'll take football on a Friday.... I'll take football on a Tuesday.. a Wednesday... a Thursday, a Saturday, Sunday and Monday... even over poo-nanny ....

On second thought... what's to say we can't have our cake and eat it too? Fuck it, I'll take both.
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