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ESPN Classic @ 6 - Eddie's Heisman, 95 PSU


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ESPN Classic is showing Eddie's 1995 Heisman Trophy Ceremony at 6 p.m. Eastern tonight. Followed by the 1995 tOSU-Penn St. game from 7 to 9.

How many remember that catch by Dudley like it was last year?
My wife and I went to every game back in 1995. That was something special to see. As I recall the Illinois game was real cold, mainly because we were up in the nosebleed section but it was Soooooo worth seeing Eddie run for 314 yards and hearing the crowd yell EDDIE EDDIE EDDIE !!!
Are you talking about that catch Dudley made at around the 20 yards line with three guys on him ?? That was a GREAT one and too boot he gots smacked down by all three guys and still held onto the ball. If hats the play your talking about !! Yes I remember that one.
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Playing on national TV in Ohio Stadium, site of the disastrous game in 1992, George ripped the Big Ten's top defense with 314 yards rushing and three touchdowns. He also caught a TD pass from Hoying in an effort that prompted ABC's Brent Musberger to bellow "Hello Mr. Heisman!"

that leaping twisting catch in the sleet was awesome....i was at the shoe that day and was never cold because of eddies electric performance....
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