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Enjoy the Season While It's Here.


3rd Rate Lurker
I do not post much here or at the "other" Buckeye Fan sites let alone start many threads, but I do spend a ton of time lurking and reading posts. Well, its late and I'm still up pondering the meaning and signifigance of this season so I thought I might as well throw my two cents in.

I like many of you had high expectations for this coming season. Yeah, I had thoughts in my head that we could at least "make a run at it" this season. Most Buckeye fans have a large sense of optimism coming into the season. When things start going awry it hurts when you have such an emotional investment in a game called football. Perhaps it's silly to let something you have no significant control over take you on an emotional rollercoaster for 3 or 4 months of the year, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

In four more weeks the season will be over and then hopefully we will be getting ready for a bowl game. It's not going to be for the national championship, it's not even going to be a BCS bowl. All it will be is one more chance to see our beloved Buckeyes on the field one last time before the long cold winter.

Although this season has been dissapointing I don't think it's a dissapointment. This season still has signifigance. We are starting to get our young talented players some real experience and it's going to pay off. All I ask of the Buckeyes coaching staff is to let the best players play and improve every week. A win against tsun will make the growing pains of this season a lot more easy to swallow and I think we have the horses to get the job done if this team plays with passion it did last week.

More than anything I just want to see this team play with intensity, fight for every yard and make every play count. If the team plays with fire for the remaning 240 minutes and the coaches let the kids play to win I think we can still turn this season into a positive going into next year.

In the blink of an eye the season is winding into the homestretch and win or lose nothing beats the passion of being a true fan of Buckeye football. Enjoy it while its here. Its a long offseason until next year.
I think all of us as Fans of The Ohio State University Football team enjoy every season wether we win or lose. At least I do and have been doing that all my life. It must be an awesome sight to take that field and look up and see 95 to 102.000 fans looking down at you. Even the visiting teams are in awe and somewhat humbled to be thier in the presence. I know if i ever had the chance to play in the "Shoe' i would be nervous as hell. Every kid who has played for Ohio State at every level puts forth 115 % effort to bring home a victory. This year our fortunes are somewhat on the negative but we will all overcome this I guess. When the opposing team comes into the "Shoe" and comes away victorious, they go back home with great fond memories of how they played thier best to beat Ohio State. Thats why we are "Tradition" That is why we are Ohio State. Even now I am thinking "God I can't wait till next year.
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