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Eat Wings. Raise Funds.


owner of great buckeyes
Camp Sunrise and OSU PAES 531 are holding a fundraising event at BW-3s on Bethel Road Monday, May 17, 2004 through May 19, 2004. 15% of all food purchases accompanied by a certificate will be donated to the OSU Camp Sunrise Fun Day. This is a day where children infected and affected by HIV/AIDS are brought together from across the state to participate in activities at the Adventure Education Center in Westerville. This will allow these children to meet others dealing with the same issues and play without being judged.

If you want more information or a flyer please ezbox me. IF anyone company would like to make a charitable donation I can see that you get the required papers for taxes.

Thanks for your help!!!!
DiHard - I will email you the certificates before the end of the week. Thanks for any help you send our way.:)

Anyone else in the Columbus area that would like certificates please Pm me and I will email them to you also.
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