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Eastern Michigan Mid week game


Go Buckeyes!
Staff member
  • The Buckeye Men's Baseball team finishes the home part of the 2016 schedule with a non-conference game against the Eastern Michigan Eagles at Bill Davis Stadium.


    COLUMBUS, Ohio – Coming off its hottest week of the 2016 season, the Ohio State baseball team is set to conclude the home schedule at 6:35 p.m. ET Tuesday against Eastern Michigan at Nick Swisher Field at Bill Davis Stadium. The Buckeyes (35-16-1, 13-8 B1G) are returning to the diamond after claiming four straight Top 20 wins last week in Columbus, including a weekend sweep of archrival and No. 19 Michigan. The Eagles travel to Columbus with a 20-30 overall record and 10-11 mark in MAC action.

    The contest vs. the Eagles will be streamed on BTN Plus ($). GameTracker link will be available on the Ohio State baseball schedule page on OhioStateBuckeyes.com. For inning updates, follow the Buckeyes on twitter via @OhioState_BASE.