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Early CFN bowl predictions


Looks like CFN is predicting Michigan to beat OSU and still not make it to the Sugar Bowl. I'm not pi$$ed about it. I just think its interesting. I would think that if Michigan is good enough to beat OSU they would probably be undefeated at that point. Since they pick OSU to go to the Orange they must think that we'll be undefeated at that point as well. Being undefeated with a quality win like that you'd figure them to be a shoe in for the Sugar. I'm guessing they figure Michigan to have a weak overall SOC. I don't know how I'd feel if scUM got screwed out of the Sugar by the BCS. I don't think I'd lose any sleep over it 'cause :scum4:
Why is the Humanitarian Bowl on the 3rd now?? Seems kinda weird they would pick that bowl to come after the Rose, Orange and Fiesta.

I would be more upset if they had somebody other than Texas and Miami in the Sugar. That kinda makes the whole thing comical. I guess the Orange Bowl would be acceptable if we don't get to go to New Orleans.
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Wow, another preseason poll that picks Texas and Miami, how original :roll2: . I can understand Miami to a certain point but they still have to replace some big names and faces, though they have the talent to do it. But for crying out loud, STOP PICKING TEXAS UNTIL THEY SHOW THEY CAN BEAT OKLAHOMA!!!!! It was the same way with tOSU when they would pick us to win it back in Coopers days, everyone just dismissed it cause we could not beat scUM. Mack Brown had better watch it cause we all know what happened to a coach around here who won alot of games but could not beat one certain team.

I just get so tired of seeing Texas picked to play for the NC just because we all know that they will stumble against somebody.
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Why is every sportscaster/website/forecaster/etc. on scUM's nuts?? What have they done?? Its like the classic darkhorse pick with no reasoning behind it so some moron can say, "I told you so, scUM did it!" at the end of the season .. Just because they don't play PSU this is a National Title team??? Wake up already!!
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"Just because they don't play PSU this is a National Title team???"

Sloops is right. The road to the Sugar Bowl may have a route through Ann Arbor, but we're still the biggest mutha f---in' truck on the road.
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Mili, the truck on the road comment was great :cheers:

Texas has some good teams to get through... I don't know why the "experts" pick Texas over Oklahoma...?

Auburn has the talent to make a run as well. ScUM is getting the love due to their SOC... hope the Bucks can end their chances!! I would think more folks will give OSU some props (although right now people seem to go for the "dark horse" teams... I'd guess OSU, Oklahoma, Auburn, Miami will get more press after the OOC games have been played)...
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OSU N/C has raised the bar on the BIG10

Last years victory over michigan was huge, as well as the one in 2001. And everybody in michigan knew they were in trouble when Cooper was released. Believe me when OSU hired Jim Tressel, the level of the bar was raised in regards to the status of the BIG 10. It was always a competitive conference, but in two years the BIG 10 has been brought up to a higher Level. More so, now than ever.

It will be interesting to see how Michigan handles thier season. With Navarre returning, them not having to play Penn State and Ohio State going to the big house, well you can just imagine how
lofty thier goals will be. But they sure cannot let thier guard down just because of these. They want us to go undefeated all the way until we have to come to thier place. And they also want to be unblemished when they meet us. Anything other than that would be all for not.

Tressel has the number of days counting down in his head and August 30th is what he is getting ready for right now. Every game next year I suppose will not be decided until the late stages of the 4th quarter. But I am not so sure I can handle anymore of those type anymore. I am getting too old for that and my heart is not any stronger because of last years season.
Please dear God, give us a break for the 2003 season - Please ?
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No doubt that Tressel has raised the bar in the Big Ten. If these teams are gonna keep pace with tOSU they had better up the level of play because I do not see any let downs in the future. I am not saying we are gonna win the NC every year but we all know how teams like Oklahoma and such win every year, that is how we will be. I can see tOSU have a decade that surpasses the FSU and Nebraska runs in the 90's. In order for the other teams in the Big Ten to even stand a chance they better pick up the pace.
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Michigan will probably be undefeated 11/22 and the bucks will win the game. I did post on bucknuts pre-2002 that they would go 13-0. The irony and pressure will be too much to bear with the fear of Jim Tressel. (No way to predict winning a 14th game you don't know who is in.) Cfn will change their prediction as their game of the week pick.
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I have no beef with CFN. They always give good pub to the
Bucks, and were one of the few that gave us a chance against
the Hurriflames.

I see they predicted our 1 loss to be scUM and their one loss
at Iowa. I'm not so sure I agree with either. Iowa will be lucky to finish in the top 5 of the conference. We WILL NOT lose to scUM!!!

On a related note, i'm going to the Korey Stringer banquet this month and wondered if anyone has any comments for Prescott
Burgess besides my two:
"What the heck were you thinking? " and
"You just guaranteed yourself at least 4 losses in your career!"
Any more ? :biggrin:
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Preseason Bowl Picks


I am amazed they picked my Cougs to make a bowl this year! That would be three seasons in a row! I know that would not even be of notice to you Buckeyes but as to the Cougs, up until last year, WSU had never been to bowls in consecutive seasons so three in a row would be quite a coup! Even if it is only the Silicon Valley Bowl I would be satisfied.

Go Cougs!
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