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EA Sports NCAA Football 2005 Wish List


Long Live Mike Doss
As of right now this game is slated to come out sometime in july. What additions would you like to see?

My suggestion list- Must haves in the game...
1. All conference and all team honors at the end of the season to go along with the already available all american and other season ending awards
2. The ability to designate your own team captins
3. A reset button in the Classic Games mode, so you don't have wait through a two minute reload time to play a 30 second hail mary scenario

Other cool additions...
*Being able to see highlights (maybe a top 10 plays of the week) from teams across the country durring the season...and a highlight video at the end of the game showing the deciding plays.

*The ability to vote in the coaches poll

*The ability to invite recruits to games

*The ability to watch highlights from a recruits highschool game when you spend recruiting points on them. It could be a quick clip of one play to suppliment the text you already get which describes the recruits abilities... if the guy is a great 5 star player maybe the video is an amazing run...if the guy is a 1 star player maybe it is just an average 12 yard catch..

this game should rock, I can't wait to play it...
All these suggestions are excellent. Unfortunately, EA isn't one to listen. Nevertheless, I'll say that all I really want is more advanced AI. Do that first, fellas. Get each little man on the screen there thinking for himself, and playing smart football. That's all I want. Otherwise, take away the Instant Replay feature, because watching last year's AI in slow motion was just plain painful.
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1.) Expand the rosters, for cryin' out loud! Get rid of those stupid mascot teams if necessary, just do it!

2.) Eliminate that thing that causes your players to get "stuck" on their blockers. This crap is just stupid. Sega can do it, why can't EA.

3.) Xbox Live!!!!! I know this is about as likely as Woody rising from the grave and smiting Lloyd Carr with a flaming sword, but that won't stop me from wishing for it.

4.) A "Spring Practice" mode similar to the training camp mode in Madden.

5.) A "Retry" option in College Classics.

6.) Get rid of that College Classic from the '97 Rose Bowl. Don't they remember which team made the game-winning drive in that game?!

7.) Change that part of the game where only 40% of the recruits who list my school as their leader actually commit to my school. They never even change their leader. They'll list OSU as the leader for the first three weeks, then just show up the fourth week as having committed to somebody like Kent State. Gimme a break!

8.) Allow me to make it so I don't have to hear the scUM fight song during the menus.

9.) Recognize the recent trends in player versatility by decreasing the rating penalty between similar positions. Also, allow me to change a player's primary position.
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I agree with most of the changes that you guys have already discussed. I think that the coolest thing that could be added would be to go back to like NHL 94 and at the end of the games show highlights from other games around the country. I think this would add so much, and it has already been done before so there is no reason it couldn't be done again.

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god i hope you guys get ur wishes, i love those games, no HUMAN has ever beaten me at 2004, and ive played a LOT... and jlb i dunno what you were doing but i brought in the number one recruiting class everyyear i played as ohio state, and i had it on heisman difficulty level

god did i hate the 55 player roster, i had to cut blue chip recruits every damn year... its weird when you feel bad for a digital person for cutting him right after recruiting him..

oh... AND DO NOT FIRE THE COACH AFTER 12 YRS AND 11 NATIONAL TITLES WTF WAS THAT ABOUT!?!?! (after that i went and turned colorado state into a national power)
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