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D'vontrey Richardson: Top Five for Georgia Quarterback

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D'vontrey Richardson: Top Five for Georgia Quarterback
By: Greg Powers


Georgia's Lee County High School may have the states top talent lining up at quarterback this fall: D'vontrey Richardson ( 6'1, 180, 4.45). D' vontrey forces the opposing teams to not only respect his arm (1,700 yards, 15 touchdowns) they must also pay very close attention when he pulls the ball down to run (1,100 yards, 14 touchdowns) with it as well. He is a very dangerous weapon. If he is in possession of the ball he has the ability to score with it at any time. He is also a multi-positional athlete, with the ability to play quarterback, wide receiver, or defensive back on the next level.

What position does he prefer to play?

"It does not really matter. I like quarterback, but it really does not matter to me.," said Richardson.

What position are the colleges recruiting him for?

"They are recruiting me as an athlete, but they will let me try out at quarterback. If I do not make it then I can move somewhere else."

What is Richardson trying to improve upon to assure himself of a shot at playing quarterback?

"I am strying to stay in the pocket more and just look for my receivers," said D'vontrey.

It had been previously reported that Richardson wanted to attend the same school as Lavelle Parker, his main receiving target at Lee. Is that still going to be a major factor in his decision?

"It is not major. It is something I would like to do, but it does not really matter."

D'vontrey is concentrating on schools that offer good academics, and the chance to build a close relationship with the coaches. Five schools standout at as possibilities at this time: Clemson (offer), Florida State, Ohio State, Louisville and Georgia (offer). What sets some of these schools apart from the others?

Clemson: "I like the fact they run the same offense as us."

Florida State:
"I like their quarterbacks. They have developed some really good Q.B.'s"

Ohio State:
"I just like their program. It is hard not to like a program that is winning like that all the time. I think I would fit in that style of offense real good."

Clemson has been the stated leader for Richardson for awhile now, but he does have a solid interest in Ohio State. He plans to visit Columbus on one of his five official visits.