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The satanic soulless freight train that is Ohio St
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  • As many of you know, I had to resort to going to a sports bar to watch the game thanks to GamePlan not being available here on local cable. I did take my DVD recorder to the place to record the game, but, because I had no way to verify the connection, I ended up getting two DVDs full of blank signal. If anyone has a DVD copy of the game, please let me know. Thanks.
    For all you have done for us "Mili" i really feel bad that none of seem to be of any help to you. I will try and find out if any of us around here in J-ville does that kind of work. I thought "Clarity" would have jumped in here on this by now. There has to be a way man. I mean come on.
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    DiHard: Loan me the original VHS, and I'll give you a DVD copy of the game when I return the tape.

    Kips: C-Dog's DVD recorder and DirectTV got trashed during the hurricane, so he couldn't record the game.
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    Hi... I have the second half of the game recorded on the hard drive of my burner (thanks to adelphia for not turnig on gameplan on time. This weekend I am headed to columbus for the game and to pick up the first half from my dad. I will be able to edit it and have it available by mid next week. If you still need a copy I will be able to get one to you. Just let me know at your convienience.
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