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It's not the burner per se but rather the software used. I used to use DVD X Copy to copy encrypted (i.e., movie) DVDs, but I don't anymore because it is finicky and induces glitches. In fact, it does so even with unencrypted DVDs, such as those made on your DVD recorder. Nero is supposedly pretty good for copying encrypted DVDs, and it doesn't put that pain-in-the-ass legal disclaimer at the beginning of every disk.
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Dayton, did you get a dual-layer burner? If so, once the cost of dual-layer blank DVDs come down, you won't have to rely on programs such as DVD Shrink 3.1 to make movies fit onto one disk.
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Definitely get a dual-layer burner...they are now about the same cost as normal burners, and of course can burn dual layer DVDs so you can get twice the data onto one DVD (I can't wait until I'm able to fit a whole Buckeye game onto one DVD at high quality).
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