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Fired up! Ready to go!
I read something humorous on the subway this morning. In the Boston Metro newspaper, there was the following stupid letter to the editor:

Ohio: Not the answer Michigander likes

While doing one of your crosswords, I ran across one that puzzled me. The clue was Great Lakes State. Being from Michigan, I knew this one right away. Yet, when I put it in, it didn't match. So I waited for the answers in yesterday's Metro, and it was Ohio. Ohio only touches one of the Great Lakes. I can assure you, Michiganders are proud of that name, and in no way want to be associated with Ohio. Have you ever been to Ohio?

For some reason this has been making me chuckle all day! This guy needs some major whine with his cheese! Or else he just needs to learn to count! (Ohio = 4; Michigan = 8 -- dipshit!)
I don't know about you guys but I can make it fit pretty easily, and in a variety of ways:







Can anyone else think of a four-letter word for M*ch*g*n? I'm sure the late, great Woody had an entire book of 'em!
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Well if you can pick four letters and you know it is a state... you have Ohio and Utah to pick from... last I checked Salt lake wasn't a great lake, sooooo, you only have Ohio left...

scUMers really arn't the sharpest tool in the shed!!! This guy did manage to write to the paper... he must have been Cum Laude from scUM...
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