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Drew Bledsoe to be released by Bills


Never Forget 31-0

With the Buffalo Bills poised to elevate second-year quarterback J.P. Losman to the starting job for 2005, ESPN.com has confirmed that the team will announce the release of 12-year veteran Drew Bledsoe on Wednesday afternoon, allowing him to become a free agent and continue his career with another team.
Bledsoe will be a solid pick up for a team. I still think he can start and get the job done.
If that would force them to draft an O-line go for it. I just don't want them to use the first pick on a QB. Maybe if Frye is around in the 2nd or 3rd round go for him. I think Bledsoe will end up with the Cowboys.
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I think the Cowboys wouldn't be the right fit. I would have to believe that Bledsoe would not want to go to a team for a year that doesn't have a realistic shot at a championship, this late in his career. Now if a championship is not important to him at this stage, then obviously being with Parcells would be a nice fit.

I have questions wether he is the answer for that type of vertical passing offense.
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Kelly Holcomb gets no respect. From the sound of it, the offense the browns'll be running won't require a golden armed QB. While Bledsoe may be a little better than Holcomb, I think they both would do about the same in cleveland next year. If the price is right though, it wouldn't be that bad of a signing, because I dread to think of what would happen if Holcomb went down.

Maybe if Frye is around in the 2nd or 3rd round go for him.

I heard that Frye's senior bowl week and game performance elevated him to one of the top QB's in this years draft class. If he has some good workouts and a good combine, he may be going pretty high. I'd like to bring in Frye too, but don't think he's worth a first or second rounder ... maybe a second rounder ... if he's there in the third, I'd take him.
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IRVING, Texas (AP) -- Drew Bledsoe was released by the Buffalo Bills on Tuesday and within hours, according to several reports, agreed to a deal with the Dallas Cowboys.

Bledsoe's reunion with coach Bill Parcells, who drafted the quarterback No. 1 overall and guided him to the Super Bowl in New England, was first reported by Dallas-Fort Worth television station KTVT and later by ESPN.com, The Dallas Morning News and the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. All cited sources.

Bledsoe, agent David Dunn and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones did not immediately return phone calls to The Associated Press.

The Bills announced plans to release him last week and the Cowboys were prepared with an offer right away. Bledsoe was ready for it, too, even saying last week that ``Dallas is intriguing for obvious reasons.''

``Playing for my old coach and then looking at the weapons they have offensively, that's intriguing,'' Bledsoe said in a conference call with reporters. ``But there are a number of teams that are possibilities and Dalllas is one of those.''

Bledsoe also indicated then that he'd rather retire than not be a starter, so there's little doubt he'll be taking over the Dallas offense, especially considering Parcells' affinity for his former players. Among his receivers will be receiver Terry Glenn, who caught passes from Bledsoe from 1996-2001 in New England.

The Cowboys have said all along they wanted to go with a veteran quarterback rather than turn to one of their youngsters, Drew Henson or Tony Romo. Henson threw just 18 passes as a rookie and Romo has never thrown a pass in his two NFL seasons. Bledsoe's arrival also means that Vinny Testaverde won't return.

Although Bledsoe is eight years younger than Testaverde, he's still considered on the downside of his career. His statistics last season in guiding Buffalo to a 9-7 record were comparable to what Testaverde did in Dallas' 6-10 season. Bledsoe had 20 touchdowns and 16 interceptions, while Testaverde had 17 touchdowns and 20 interceptions. The Bills went into the final Sunday of the season with a chance to make the playoffs after an 0-4 start. Bledsoe has thrown for more than 300 yards only once in the last two seasons. He made the Pro Bowl the year before that, his first with Buffalo after losing his job in New England to Tom Brady. He was 23-25 over three seasons with the Bills, never reaching the postseason.

</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>I don't know if they should let vinny go as well, keep him as a backup if drew goes down.

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I think this is a no brainer for the Cowboys, with all due respect to Vinny, Bledsoe is an upgrade at the qb position, Dallas could make some noise if they make some moves in the secondary and along the offensive line. They also have two first rounders this year. They have a young runner in Julius Jones and an outstanding tight end, if they make the right moves they could be back in the playoffs next year.
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As a Cowboys fan, my response is :sleep2:

Bledsoe's numbers last year were virtually identical to Vinny's, despite Buffalo having a better supporting cast. His better days are behind him. Either Drew Henson is not the answer, or he's losing another year of development whilst Parcells looks to add to his legacy, neither of which is encouraging.

To me, this is just another get-rich-quick scheme by Parcells, who has no interest in developing talent for the long-term, preferring a quick run at a title. A goal he's NOT likely to achieve in Dallas given their multiple deficiencies. Look at what happened to New England and the Jets after he left. They had to get rid of over-the-hill guys and replace them with inexperienced young players whose development was stunted under Parcells' short-term ambitions.

He's doing the same thing in Dallas. The Cowboys may make the playoffs next year in the weak NFC, but when the Tuna leaves - probably after next season - they'll be no closer to finding Aikman's heir apparent than they were before Parcells arrived, supposedly to fix things. The only way that's worth it is if he brings home a Lombardi trophy, something Drew Bledsoe - who couldn't beat the Steelers back-ups with a playoff berth on the line - seems incapable of doing.

Yippee, skippy...:roll2:
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I'm a Bills fan and I think this is a mistake by the Cowboys that's just going to continue to impede their teams progression. In one, two or three years, Dallas will be right back in the same position after Bledsoe leaves looking for another QB or breaking in an inexperienced QB. Bledsoe is not going to take them any further than Quincy Carter did two years ago when they were a wild card team. Bledsoe is immobile and holds onto the ball too long many times which results in drive killing sacks and fumbles. Bledsoe is serviceable with a solid running game to take the pressure off of him, for instance like the Steelers had where Roethlisberger only had to throw the ball 18-20 times a game. In three years Bledsoe never even took Buffalo to the playoffs and the best record he put up was 9-7. How is he going to do any better when the offensive weapons are about the same or worse at every position (except for tight end)? Not to mention Buffalo had a top 5 defense his last two years there and he still couldn't make the offense good enough to do any better than 9-7, or make the playoffs. I forgot to mention his stats have also gotten progressively worse every year since he came to Buffalo. I hope Dallas fans don't have high expectations for Bledsoe because they'll probably be disappointed.
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