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Don't Mess with Mike Wallace


I've always liked them
CBS Newsman Mike Wallace Issued Summons

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NEW YORK - [size=-1] Veteran "60 Minutes" correspondent Mike Wallace was handcuffed and driven to a police station Tuesday night after arguing with city inspectors over where his driver had parked. [/size]

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[size=-1] The dispute began at about 8:30 p.m., as Wallace was leaving a Manhattan restaurant, WCBS-TV reported. Wallace, 86, saw two inspectors interviewing his driver, who they said was double-parked. [/size]

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[size=-1] The Taxi and Limousine Commission said Wallace became "overly assertive and disrespectful" and interfered with the inspectors, according to WCBS. [/size]

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[size=-1] At one point, Wallace lunged at one of the inspectors, according to the commission. The other inspector then handcuffed Wallace and drove him to a police station, where he was issued a summons for disorderly conduct. He was later released. [/size]

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[size=-1] Luigi Militello, the restaurant manager, told WCBS that the inspectors "manhandled" Wallace during the dispute. [/size]

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[size=-1] CBS said in a statement Tuesday that Wallace was at home and that more information would be released if it became available. [/size]

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[size=-1] Richard Leibner, a spokesman for Wallace, did not immediately return a call seeking comment.[/size]
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I don't know KSB, does anybody really care who Mike Wallace is? Would they be intimidated by that?

You could be right as well, of course...I wasn't there. Maybe a little of both.
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