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I give up. This board is too hard to understand.
Anyone catch this show on A&E? First watched it last week and then caught it again tonight. Pretty entertaining. I'd never want to be tracked down by this guy (or anyone else for that matter).


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KING;1507718; said:
For all of you who used to watch Dog the Bounty Hunter, Dog?s associate Tim Chapman, was caught at the Ala Moana Center in the Bank of Hawaii parking lot with his clothes off in his truck performing lewd acts. When witnesses contacted Ala Moana security, the security guard asked Tim to put on his clothes and get out of his truck.

cont..Tim Chapman from Dog the Bounty Hunter Arrested for Attempted Murder and Indecent Exposure ? Hawaii News and Travel Guide

Wasn't this awhile ago?
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Brook had stated that Tim spilled orange juice on his pants and was looking for a private place to change his pants. And when the security guard startled him, he panicked and drove away as fast as he can. If this is true, I can somewhat understand that. I mean with the latest cancellation of Dog the Bounty Hunter reality show, and with all of them almost losing their celebrity status, Tim separation with his wife is just another bad thing that has happened to the Dog ohana.

Innocent man!
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CCI;1508017; said:
very entertaining show, Dog lives his life as a mentor for young kids to follow also baby Lisa is a hottie.

ya know, she's not the most attractive woman i have ever seen. but theres definitely something about her that catches the eye. while a beat down of the ages would be all but guaranteed... im thinkin it would be worth the risk.
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