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Does scUM suck?

  • yes

    Votes: 6 6.6%
  • hell yes

    Votes: 85 93.4%

  • Total voters
my sig says it all...

Actually I like scUM better than Free Shoes U and Tenn Cheat (mostly because scUM is in the Big Ten, so they aren't as bad as the other two in my book)... with that said a win over scUM is more important than any other win in a given season, except perhaps the NC game if we get there...
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I hear you. Everytime I walk into the local Wally world to get something and I happen to go by the clothing area I see scUM clothing. Drives me up the wall. If you want that crap then drive up there and get it.
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I hate scUM so bad that everytime I call one of our offices, and a certain scUM fan answers, my words are always the same, and I mean always : MICHIGAN BLOWS!!!!

68 more days !!!!!!!
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Ex-Wolverine said:
How could anyone make the argument that UM doesn't suck? They lost to friggin NOTRE DAME. And the game wasn't even close.

Of course they suck.
scUM's suckismness is not dependant on wins and losses. Their suckocity is dependant on their "University's" location, and other, much more important factors.

To quote a great poet:
"They are the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked" - Homer J. Simpson
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