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Sunday, December 05, 2004
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• Receiver , BEN GRAVES ( Grandview ) 6-3, 175, jr .

— In his first season of football, Graves made 46 receptions for 1,038 yards (a 22.6-yard average) with 11 touchdowns in leading Grandview (8-2) to its winngest season since 1987. ‘‘Every time he touched the ball, we felt he had a chance to go all the way," coach Scott Gordon said.

• Receiver , J . SHARPS ( Westerville South ) 6-6, 215, sr .

— An Akron recruit, Sharps made 43 receptions for 788 yards (18.3) and five TDs. ‘‘He gave us a lot of burst," coach Rocky Pentello said. ‘‘He has the size and elusiveness to turn a 6- or 7-yard pattern into a 60-yard play."

• Tight end , DUSTY SMITH ( West ) 5-11, 190, sr .

— Second in central Ohio in receptions (64) and receiving yards (1,127), Smith scored 15 touchdowns in the Cowboys’ spread offense. ‘‘Whenever we needed a play, we went to Dusty," coach Aaron Owens said. ‘‘I’m glad I didn’t have to deal with trying to defend him."

• Lineman , JUSTIN BOREN ( Pickerington North ) 6-5, 305, jr .

— Opposing coaches raved about Boren, who graded out at 98 percent at right tackle. ‘‘He’s a big, strong, physical, athletic kid with a huge upside," coach Tim Bahen said. ‘‘The scary thing is he’s just starting to scratch his potential."

• Lineman , JIMMY CORDLE ( Lancaster ) 6-5, 275, sr .

— After committing early to Ohio State, Cordle lived up to those expectations. ‘‘Jimmy lost some weight in the off-season to get quicker and it paid off clearing out people from our point guard spot," coach Rob Carpenter said. ‘‘He’s one of the most focused kids I’ve ever coached."

• Lineman , ZACH HENNIS ( Jonathan Alder ) 6-8, 315, sr .

— A first-team All-Ohioan his final three seasons, Hennis recently committed to Kentucky. ‘‘The best thing I can say about Zach is that he led us to the playoffs four straight years," coach Barry Blackstone said. ‘‘He showed tremendous improvement each year."

• Lineman , ANDREW MOSES ( Watterson ) 6-4, 261, sr .

— A third-year starter on the offensive line, Moses anchored the Eagles’ wing-T offense at center. He also was a force at defensive tackle. ‘‘He has been a rock for us for three years now," coach Dan Bjelac said. ‘‘He has played wherever we’ve needed him and excelled."

• Lineman , BRANDON RENNARD ( Northridge ) 6-4, 285, sr .

— Northridge rushed for a school-record 3,500 yards and Rennard’s play at right tackle was a huge reason. He also made 15 tackles for losses at defensive tackle. ‘‘He set the tone for everything we achieved," coach Ed Daniher said. ‘‘We went his direction on every big play."

• Quarterback , ROCCO PENTELLO ( Westerville South ) 6-1, 195, so .

— In passing for 2,295 yards and 27 TDs and rushing for 900 yards and eight TDs, Pentello had to be accounted for on every play. ‘‘His mix of foot speed and his throwing ability really stretched defenses and gave us a lot of versatility," said coach Rocky Pentello, his father.

• Running back , CHRISTEN HAYWOOD ( Hilliard Davidson ) 5-8, 180, jr .

— Equally effective between the tackles and on the perimeter, Haywood rushed for 1,991 yards and 25 TDs in leading Davidson to a regional final. ‘‘He gained more yards in less downs than he did last year and you have to remember that he came out early in a lot of big wins," coach Brian White said.

• Running back , MICHAEL THOMAS ( Hartley ) 5-10, 190, sr .

— Although his role changed in Hartley’s new spread offense, Thomas rushed for 1,350 yards (7.2 average), caught 24 passes for 366 yards and scored 23 TDs. He amassed 2,313 all-purpose yards. ‘‘He’s the most versatile skilled player we’ve ever had here," veteran coach Dick Geyer said.

• Running back , BRANDON MORTON ( Independence ) 6-2, 195, sr .

— The area’s leading rusher in the regular season with 1,887 yards (5.8 average) and 19 TDs, Morton was shifted from defense after the projected starter suffered a season-ending injury. ‘‘It’s impossible to fill the shoes of Erik Haw, but Brandon sure came close," coach Alan Jones said.

• Kicker , PAUL SEIBERLING ( Lancaster ) 6-0, 190, sr .

— Not only did he make 7 of 11 field goals and 50 of 52 extra point kicks for 72 points, Seiberling sent 75 percent of his kickoffs into the end zone. His longest field goal was 47 yards. ‘‘Paul made some key field goals to win games for us and his strong leg provided us a real security blanket," coach Rob Carpenter said.

• Return specialist , NICK HENNESSY ( Westland ) 5-10, 170, sr .
— An all-purpose threat, Hennessy amassed 968 yards on returns, bringing back three kickoffs and two punts for touchdowns. Three went for 90 yards or more.


Sunday, December 05, 2004
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• Lineman , ANTHONY CAMPBELL ( New Albany ) 6-1, 214, jr .

— From his defense end spot, Campbell led New Albany in tackles (108), sacks (seven) and negative yardage tackles (nine). He also forced five fumbles and recovered three. ‘‘Anthony’s more of a natural linebacker but we used him as a rush end so he had could have more of an impact," coach Mike Golden said.

• Lineman , PRESTON KING ( Brookhaven ) 6-0, 338, sr .

— A dominant force as a run stopping tackle, King led a Brookhaven defense that allowed 5.4 points per game. ‘‘He’s been a beast this season," coach Tom Blake said. ‘‘Nobody’s been able to block him all year. For his size, he’s very quick."

• Lineman , BEN MERICK ( Hilliard Davidson ) 6-3, 220, sr .

— With 15 sacks and 20 negative tackles from his end spot, Merick anchored an aggressive defense that yielded 9.1 points per game. ‘‘Ben did an equally good job putting pressure on the run as he did the pass," coach Brian White said. ‘‘And he was just as vital for us on the offensive side as a tight end."

• Lineman , ANTHONY REO ( Watterson ) 6-2, 274, sr .

— The key run stopper at nose guard on a Watterson defense that allowed only one opponent to score more than 14 points, Reo also is a three-year starter at guard. ‘‘Anthony has tremendous strength and he’s been able to overpower people and make plays outside the tackle box," coach Dan Bjelac said.

• Linebacker , ERIC BURNSIDES ( Worthington Kilbourne ) 6-0, 215, sr .

— Kilbourne’s season record holder in tackles with 174, Burnsides plays with reckless abandon. He also recorded 4½ sacks and blocked three punts. ‘‘Eric has a real intensity about him that wills him to get to the ball," coach Jeff Gafford said.

• Linebacker , ALEX DANIELS ( Brookhaven ) 6-4, 230, sr .

— Many of the nation’s top programs are wooing Daniels, who has 4.45 speed for the 40 and is a vicious hitter. ‘‘Although he’s somewhat of a raw talent, Alex is an extremely gifted athlete who can play virtually any position on the field," coach Tom Blake said.

• Linebacker , PRINCE MOODY ( Eastmoor Academy ) 5-11, 190, sr .

— In addition to racking up 130 tackles (17 for negative yardage) and 10 sacks, Moody rushed for 800 yards (averaging 10 yards a carry) and 16 TDs as a fullback. He is being recruited by Division I programs. ‘‘Price embodied everything any coach would want from a football player," coach Jim Miranda said.

• Linebacker , KENT PHILLIPS ( Amanda - Clearcreek ) 5-9, 185, sr .

— The leading tackler for a hard-hitting Amanda defense that allowed 9.4 points per game, Phillips also rushed for 1,100 yards and 14 TDs. ‘‘We’ve ridden on Kent’s shoulders for three years," coach Ron Hinton said. ‘‘He’s so quick and reads plays so well, he forces teams to entirely change their blocking schemes."

• Back , DOMINIC JONES ( Brookhaven ) 5-9, 186, sr .

— Despite missing 3½ games because of a hamstring injury, the 2003 Ohio defensive player of the year and Pitt signee made eight interceptions in his first season at safety. ‘‘His value to this football team is incredible," coach Tom Blake said. ‘‘D.J. has a knack for breaking games wide open with big plays. He has an impact on every game."

• Back , JORDAN GAFFORD ( Worthington Kilbourne ) 6-1, 195, jr .

— Kilbourne’s second-leading tackler at safety, Gafford made five interceptions, blocked three punts and caused a fumble. He also rushed for 741 yards and 10 TDs and passed for 795 yards and six TDs at quarterback. ‘‘He’s made his share of big plays on both sides of the ball," Kilbourne coach Jeff Gafford said.

• Back , CHRIS MURPHY ( Eastmoor Academy ) 6-2, 175, sr .

— A Division I recruit with 4.4 speed in the 40, Murphy led central Ohio with 10 interceptions for 176 yards and made 50 tackles. ‘‘Whenever Chris is around the football, there’s a sense of excitement in the air," coach Jim Miranda said. ‘‘People didn’t throw much on him, but he made the most of his opportunities."

• Back , SHANE BOWEN ( Pickerington Central ) 6-4, 190, sr .

— A hard-hitting strong safety who racked up 118 tackles, 14 for negative yardage, and four interceptions, Bowen also scored 14 touchdowns at running back. ‘‘He was our go-to person on both sides of the ball, no doubt about it," coach Jay Sharrett said. ‘‘He willed our team to win on several occasions."

• Punter , JARED KARRASCH ( Reynoldsburg ) 6-1, 175, sr .
— With a 46.6-yard average, Karrash was by far the leading punter in central Ohio. ‘‘He was an unbelievable weapon to have on our side," coach William Underwood said. ‘‘You can’t begin to believe how much field position he gave us. You’ll be seeing him punting on Saturdays somewhere."

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