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Head Coach
I was wondering why you placed OSU fourth in the deepest teams in the Big Ten? and also why you picked both Penn State/Minneasota to beat us this year? I totally respect your opinion but I was wondering what you're basing it on.

Order of teams in Depth/starters (IMO)

1. Qb-Penn,OSU,Wisconsin, Scum ( I pick Scum last because the other 3 have two starters jockeying for playing time where as Scum only have Guet.)

2. Rb/Fb- OSU, Wisconsin, Penn State, Scum ( I say this because OSU has two capable full backs with a more than capable Tail back, where as Wisconsin only has their tailbacks to relie on).

3. WR-Scum, OSU, Penn State, Wisconsin. (Osu is second because we have a play maker unlike Wisconsin/Penn State)

4. TE- Scum, OSU,Wisconsin, Penn State (OSU would be #1 if they had LI)

5. O-Line- Scum , Penn State, Wisconsin, OSU ( OSU is last because they have only 2 starters bak and the others have more, but OSU is number 1 after this year)

6. D-Line- Wisconsin, OSU, Scum, Penn State ( I say Wisconsin cuz of Hawthorne, and the other boy who tore us up last year, they're studs)

7. Linebackers- OSU, Scum, Penn State, Wisconsin. (OSU is deepest in nation)

8. DB's- OSU, Scum, Wisconsin, Penn State. (OSU is deepest but Scum has more talent as in starters).

OSU/Scum rule the 1-2 rankings, and Yeah I know I'm a homer but I actually gave reasons behind them and scum/osu combine on having 6 out of the 8 first place votes.

I think as in starters quality Michigan has an Edge Over Ohio State, BUT I think OSU has the deepest team of any.

OSU/Michigan (Toss Up), Wisconsin, Penn State. (thats my order)
Buckipower.....first let me say thanks for taking the time to read and analyze my blogs....this is the fun part.....talking football.....to your questions..

-why did i pick psu/minny to beat osu. well...i dont think the bucks are going undefeated, so someone has to beat the buckeyes. psu is loaded with talent, but lack some depth. plus tressel seems to play a style of football that matches up very well for psu....hence the always close games between joepa and jt....cooper was just the opposite....that was a nightmare matchup for psu. minny is purely speculative as the teams dont meet. but if minny gets any kind of qb play they will be really good.

I was wondering why you placed OSU fourth in the deepest teams in the Big Ten?
....i'm not completely sure what you mean by this....please restate.....

-qb's: purdue and penn st are leaps over anyone else in the league.
-rb/fb: wisky's fb bernstein (6-2,265) is a nightmare blocker. he caused serious matchup problems for the buckeyes last year. wisconsin (davis,smith,stanley and bernstein) and minnesota (barber and maroney) are light years ahead of the rest of the league.
-wr's: you are dead on. in fact scum and tosu are far and away the best. scums receivers are scary.
-te's: i know scum usually has good te play, but not this year. the kid from msu (Knott) is going to be aa. john l. smith twice has had a te lead the nation in receptions. after msu it is tosu also b/c jt is great with his use of the position.
-oline: wisky and minnesota are one-two here. scum and....yes...northwestern are three-four. psu and tosu both have incredibly talented groups that are unproven. either psu or tosu could vault all the way to the top two if a couple of players step it up the way they can.

thats all i have time for now....i'll get to the defense as soon as i can.
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Diehard, in one of your post you went on to say that OSU was somewhere along the lines of 4th in depth I was just wondering why you thought that?Also I hope the buckeyes don't lose a game this year but in all reality they will, but I just don't see them losing to PSU and yes we run a offense kinda suited for Penn State but the bottom line is WE WIN. If we lose a game I think it will be to either NcSt., Iowa,or Michigan. I knew we don't play Minneasota I was just wondering your reason. I think they wouldn't give us a game. Sure they have a lot returning on the Line and in the backfield but I think our front 7 negate that combo? I think it would be something like 10-21 OSU or 17-21 OSU.

I also know that Purdue has the best QB but I was clearly just going with the 3 other teams you put ahead of Ohio State. Actually Penn State would get my vote because they have more quality/depth at QB.

I know you have a good reason for putting both Wisconsin/Minneasota ahead of OSU but I was going with the best tailbacks/Full backs DEPTH..... Yes Wisconsin/Minneasota has a better platoon of Tailbacks but OSU can use 2 different fullbacks along with 3 different tailbacks. So I picked OSU because they have versitale Full backs as well to go along with their half backs. I do agree though that both those teams have excellent backfields. I agree tho that we NEED to find a way to stop beirnstein.


Te-Again I was just going based on the three teams. So maybe Michigan St. is better than all the big ten??? I honestly don't know of the kid so I'll take your word man.

O-Line- Same as usual I was jus go'n on the other three. I agree that Minneasota has a VERY good/experienced line. Plus also that OSU/PSt. will be up near the top in a year or two.
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