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Did anyone catch May and Alberts at halftime?


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No OSU trouble here, but I thought it was hilarious:

At halftime of the Utah game, they were in the studio, going over 6 questions for the season. The question was: "Who could be this year's LSU, a team that starts outside the top 10, and makes it to the BCS championship game?"

So naturally, Trev Alberts picks Michigan, which, well, given our bias I won't comment on. But then His Royal Fatass says "Fresno State". FRESNO STATE? WHAT IN THE RED, WHITE, AND BLUE HELL IS THIS GUY TALKING ABOUT? Yep, cant' wait for the Oklahoma/Fresno State matcup in the Orange Bowl. He tried to backtrack after that, but they were ripping on him something awful. It was funny because he clearly lost any frigging marbles he ever had a long time ago.
Sometimes I think that Trev and Mark say these idiotic blurbs on purpose just to ire alot of fans. It was a way out in left field kind of thing, to pick Fresno State. I was expecting him to say Utah, but i was floored by his comment. What an Ass.
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As stupid as the comment was, I believe that its now possible for a team like Fresno State to make the BCS Title game, because they got rid of the strength of schedule component. So, at the very least there's a 0.0000001% chance that it happens.
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Nation: "yeah.....wasnt the point of the BCS to get away from the pollsters because they screwed up all the previous NCs?"

I'm sick of people like Lupica, like May (who has biases), and like the writer for the NY Times (name escapes me) who has agendas. i.e. "I wouldn't vote for OSU no matter how good they are because they expolited the black athlete in Maurice Clarett."

Those people kill the system, and now they're back in it? What a load of b.s. How you don't take SOS into account is beyond me ..

grad: "Corso said USC, Memphis, and WVU will all go undefeated"

I don't get this sentiment this year. Do Memphis and WVU play anybody? No. But by the same token, are they anybody?? NO!! You have to have a good team to run the table: a Pitt-WVU match-up is a toss up, in my eyes.
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