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tBBC Demario McCall is a Buckeye!

  • Thread starter Brandon Zimmerman
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Brandon Zimmerman

Demario McCall is a Buckeye!
Brandon Zimmerman
via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here


Excitement is coming the Ohio State Buckeyes way in the form of 5’9” 171 pound incoming freshman Demario McCall. Rated as a four-star recruit by 24/7 composite rankings, McCall is rated as the 44th best player in the country for the 2016 class. McCall initially committed to Ohio State in March of 2015 and reaffirmed that commitment today by sending in his Letter of Intent.

Many see McCall sliding right into the coveted H-back position in the Ohio State offense which is easy to see. With blazing speed (he reportedly has ran a 4.3 40) and moves that remind many of Braxton Miller in space, McCall has the potential to succeed very quickly at Ohio State. The key will be seeing how much size McCall can put on without losing any of that speed which made him so coveted. As with all speedsters who slide into the H-back role, he will face 3-4 years of Percy Harvin comparisons.

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