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Head Coach
All's I have to say is WOW...... They just straight up hit tonight. I've never seen them that intense for a whole game like I did tonight. This is a sign of things to come I hope. If it is we're in for a very special season next year. What impressed me the most was the ability to make them punt on 3rd down. Our corners played tough, and our lineman played disaplined. By far over all our best game on defense. The hit by Whitner at the end really stood out to me the most. Also Simon Frasier was laying some mad lumber, and also AJ was in on alot of hits as well. With only two seniors leaving our defense next year what do you guys think?
I think that the defense was PUMPED UP for this game because this was an opponent who played into their strength and let them show true Buckeye Big Ten football at it's finest.

All year long, this defense has been playing passing teams. Outside of Wisconsin, we have not played a single running team. We have too much talent for a one dimensional team like Okla State to be able to run on us when we know it is coming, especially this late in the season. Especially our D line and linebackers had to be foaming at the mouth for a game where they were gonna get a chance to hit someone.

All that said, I expected us to shut them down, but I did not expect us to so thoroughly take them behind the woodshed. That game was not nearly as close as the score indicated.
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oOSU is a run team first... they were never given the chance to their run game going. What did they say.... 6-0 when rushing for 200+, that was never going to happen against our Defense.
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