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Google Defense owns day for Buckeyes - Toledo Blade

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Buckeyes - Google News

Defense owns day for Buckeyes - Toledo Blade
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Defense owns day for Buckeyes
Toledo Blade
The Ohio State offense found itself stuck in the figurative mud Saturday against Tulsa, so the Buckeyes' defense stopped waiting for help and found its way into the end zone by itself. OSU returned two interceptions for touchdowns in the second quarter ...
Ohio State football: Buckeyes defense scores twice in 48-3 win over Tulsa Golden Hurricanecleveland.com
Gameday+ | Ohio State vs. Tulsa: Buckeyes freshmen in the thick of actionColumbus Dispatch
Ohio State Buckeyes rout Tulsa to go 2-0Dayton Daily News
Akron Beacon Journal -Bleacher Report -OSU - The Lantern
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