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BTN Debate it: Can a Big Ten West team win the conference title in 2016?

  • Thread starter Sean Merriman, BTN.com
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Sean Merriman, BTN.com

Debate it: Can a Big Ten West team win the conference title in 2016?
Sean Merriman, BTN.com web editor via Big Ten Network

Michigan State and Ohio State have combined to win the last three Big Ten championships. Both the Spartans and Buckeyes are expected to be good again in 2016, and the emergence of Jim Harbaugh and the Michigan Wolverines appear to make this year’s Big Ten season a three-team race. But what about the Big Ten West? Could a team like Iowa, Wisconsin or Nebraska dethrone the mighty East and bring home a conference championship this year? I asked that very question to BTN.com senior writer Tom Dienhart in this week’s segment of “Debate It.” Who do you agree with? Can

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