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Dealing with a Stroke...

Sadly I am home today waiting for my 3 boys to get off the bus because my wife is at the hospital as her mom had a stroke. Her right side has very little movement at this time but we shall see. Anyone have any experience dealing with this? THANKS....


ND.....you and your family are in my son's and my prayers.....be strong for your kids and your wife.....you are a great family man and I have full faith that you will be a foundation that gets everyone through this tough time....
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Mr. Such and Such
my grandmother had a pretty bad stroke about a year ago. She lost all feeling and movement in her right leg, arm, and right side of her face. She can now speak normally again for the most part, although she talks slower. She has very limited use of her right arm. She can walk with a cane. She seems to improve at times, then regress for a while.

There are a lot of contributing factors.
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Wolverine is largest member of weasel family
My wife's grandmother had a stroke last year. The symptoms sound similar to your situation, but not as severe. She is back home with a full time caretaker (she had a PT one before the stroke) and has difficulty communicating.

Your family is in our thoughts.
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