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High School De La Salle win streak snapped at 151

Here ya go...

SEATTLE -- One hundred fifty-one football games.

De La Salle High School's 39-20 loss to Bellevue (Wash.) ended the Spartans' record winning streak Saturday night in front of 24,987 people at Qwest Field.

Senior J.R. Hasty led the Wolverines, rushing for 271 yards and scoring four touchdowns. Bellevue also got a 37-yard touchdown run by sophomore quarterback Eric Block.

The Spartans -- from Concord, Calif., a suburban community east of San Francisco -- had not lost since Dec. 7, 1991.

Their average victory during the 12-season undefeated streak was by 38.2 points, and 43 of their 151 wins were shutouts. De La Salle also was crowned with five USA Today national championships during the span.

The Spartans broke the nation's previous longest winning streak at 72 games in 1997, going on to more than double it.

De La Salle coach Bob Ladouceur, who now has a 287-15-1 record in 26 years at the school, was gracious in defeat.

"The team we saw on film was not the team we played out there tonight," he said of the three-time defending state 3A championship Wolverines.

"Their coaching staff and players did a great job in every facet and gave us schemes we had never seen," he said. "We got beat by a better football team tonight. If we played them tomorrow, they'd beat us again."

De La Salle got off to a solid start, moving the ball down the field 83 yards to score with relative ease.

After the kickoff, Hasty, a Bellevue senior, took his first offensive touch 74 yards for a touchdown. The motivated Wolverines dominated the rest of the night on the ground.

"There were all the Internet polls, the message boards where everyone said they were going to blow us out," said Bellevue linebacker E.J. Savannah, who led his defense with nine tackles.

Bellevue head coach Butch Goncharoff, who took over the program five years ago and is the first coach in Washington history to win three straight large-school state titles, challenged his team to worker harder leading up to the game.

"This is a great feeling," he said. "We worked eight months for this. I don't think we were intimidated coming in and our kids executed. We've said the strength of this team is our offensive line, and it was tonight. They spent more time, more hours than anybody. Even De La Salle."

With 14-year-old Block making his first high school start at quarterback, Bellevue didn't attempt a pass, rushing 54 times for 463 yards.

The Spartans did not score the second half. Bellevue twice intercepted passes by senior quarterback Kevin Lopina, who has a scholarship to Oregon State.

Lopina completed 11 of 22 passes for 103 yards.

Eduardo Lopez led De La Salle with 154 rushing yards, including touchdown runs of 54 and 44 yards.

Bellevue led 30-20 at halftime and broke the game open on the 2-yard scoring run by Hasty with 8:35 remaining in the third quarter.

The Spartans' program at the private, all-boys school has inspired two books, a documentary and national telecasts of games. Last month, Sports Illustrated printed a seven-page spread about the team.

The team has regularly played the top competition from California and around the country.

Bay Area papers had speculated whether the Spartans could escape this season unscathed. In addition to Bellevue, the team has games scheduled against strong California teams Mission Viejo, Clovis West and Palma.

De La Salle graduated 17 starters from last season's 13-0 squad, which was one of the best in the school's history.

Ladouceur said it was just time for De La Salle to finally lose a game.

"I'm all for there being a lot of king of the hills, not just one," he said. "Bellevue represented their state well."

De La Salle suffered off-the-field heartache Aug. 12. Linebacker Terrence Kelly was shot to death in Richmond, a crime-ridden city 20 miles east of De La Salle's campus, just before he was to leave for the University of Oregon, where he had a full football scholarship.

Former Spartans now in the NFL include Giants wide receiver Amani Toomer, Broncos 2004 first-round draft pick D.J. Williams, Lions guard David Loverne and Jets kicker Doug Brien.

UCLA spark-plug running back Maurice Drew also starred at De La Salle, and Michigan starting quarterback Matt Gutierrez was a Spartan.
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Good-I was getting really sick of hearing about that winning streak. DeLaSalle has to go to SoCal or out of state to get real competition, the league that they play in is not at all competetive.
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stxbuck said:
Good-I was getting really sick of hearing about that winning streak. DeLaSalle has to go to SoCal or out of state to get real competition, the league that they play in is not at all competetive.
Its still an unbeleivable streak, they deserved any and all recognition they got for it IMO. They must have one hell of a coach to get his team prepared to play each and every game. Even the best teams will play a bad game every once in a while.
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stxbuck said:
Good-I was getting really sick of hearing about that winning streak. DeLaSalle has to go to SoCal or out of state to get real competition, the league that they play in is not at all competetive.

They went out of their way to play the best HS teams from around the country year in and year out. Last year or the year before, they came to Honolulu to play Honolulu St. Louis, a school that had won 15 straight state championships prior to finishing as state runners-up for the last two years. DLS dominated STL 35-14...the game wasn't as close as the score suggests.
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I respect the fact that they will play any team, anywhere. That gives their winning streak a lot of credibility. I'm simply saying I got sick of hearing about it, and am glad that it won't be mentioned by USA Today every single frickin day.
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Seriously, how in the hell do you lose to a team that doesn't attempt a single pass? I think it would be a good idea to stack the line after a little while with just a skeleton core of dbs
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Life, not streak, goes on
De La Salle players philosophical after national-record streak ends
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</td> <td valign="top" align="left" width="314" class="text2sm"> <!-- START DATE --> Monday, September 6, 2004

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[font=geneva,arial,sans-serif] [/font]
<!-- IF OBJECTS EXISTS, PUT THIS LINE BELOW IT --> <!-- END OBJECT THUMBS AREA--> <!-- START STORY --> [font=geneva,arial,sans-serif]The players stood in a protective, knotted mass, huge green duffel bags at their feet and drawn expressions on their faces, as still more bags came off the conveyor at Oakland International Airport. [/font]

[font=geneva,arial,sans-serif]De La Salle High School's legendary winning streak was over. The loss Saturday to the Bellevue High Wolverines in Washington state, the Spartans' first game of the season, ended a record of 151 consecutive wins for De La Salle that stretched back to 1992. No other American football team -- college or professional -- can boast such a streak. [/font]

[font=geneva,arial,sans-serif]The team faced tremendous pressure from fans and media to keep making history -- and with just five returning starters from last year, it had also faced questions about how it would play. [/font]

[font=geneva,arial,sans-serif]But Sunday afternoon, less than 24 hours after the loss, some players were already taking the long view. [/font]

[font=geneva,arial,sans-serif]"It's definitely very disappointing to work so hard over the summer and try to uphold the tradition," said senior Scott Hugo, who plays center. "The fact is, adversity comes at any time. The thing that's going to establish us as a team and group of teenagers is how we handle it. That will be the real measure of the Spartans. It's not the winning or losing." [/font]

[font=geneva,arial,sans-serif]And in the end, it's just a game, said athletic director Terry Eidson. The team endured much worse less than a month ago with the killing of its 2003 MVP, Terrance Kelly. Kelly was shot to death in Richmond on Aug. 12, days before he was scheduled to leave for the University of Oregon on scholarship. [/font]

[font=geneva,arial,sans-serif]"That's real life," Eidson said. "That's tragedy." [/font]

[font=geneva,arial,sans-serif]"It puts this loss into perspective," Hugo agreed. "In the grand scheme of things, (losing the game) is not that huge of an event." [/font]

[font=geneva,arial,sans-serif]With each passing year, the pressure mounted to defend the team's historic run. Just last week, senior running back and defensive back Dustin Watson had said, "We've been hearing since the day the season ended last year that we weren't going to be very good. That's OK. People like to talk." [/font]

[font=geneva,arial,sans-serif]The De La Salle program had been the subject of a book and, last month, a seven-page spread in Sports Illustrated. The players had even once appeared on a box of Cheerios. [/font]

[font=geneva,arial,sans-serif]Despite all that, neither the coaches nor the teachers talked much about the winning streak that garnered all that publicity, said senior and defensive back Anthony Gutierrez as he waited for his teammates to collect their luggage so they could board a school bus back to Concord. [/font]

[font=geneva,arial,sans-serif]"It's not what De La Salle is about," he said. "None of the coaches, none of the players, none of the people at De La Salle ever said anything about the streak. They never put any pressure on us. It's about going from game to game. Every team loses. People are still going to work hard. We're not going to quit working." [/font]

[font=geneva,arial,sans-serif]No one interviewed tried to blame the loss on anything other than this: the Spartans made mistakes, and the other team played a fine game. [/font]

[font=geneva,arial,sans-serif]When the team returned to its hotel after Saturday night's defeat, parents who had flown up to cheer the players on had pizza and soft drinks and kind words waiting. With so many of those parents still working their way home Sunday, parents of former players had balloons and a banner that read "We Love You Spartans" -- as well as a heap of Subway sandwiches -- to greet the team bus as it pulled into the De La Salle parking lot Sunday afternoon. [/font]

[font=geneva,arial,sans-serif]Now that the streak is broken, De La Salle Principal Brother Christopher Brady detects a sense of relief. [/font]

[font=geneva,arial,sans-serif]"Although I don't think anyone wants to say it, it's nice to have that gorilla off their back -- it was an 800-pound gorilla."

<hr> [font=geneva,arial,sans-serif]When the streak began . . . [/font][font=geneva,arial,sans-serif]It was a different time when De La Salle High School's football team began its record winning streak in September 1992: [/font]

[font=geneva,arial,sans-serif]George H.W. Bush, father of George W., was president. [/font]

[font=geneva,arial,sans-serif]Pete Wilson was the governor of California. [/font]

[font=geneva,arial,sans-serif]Nicolas Cage's "Honeymoon in Vegas" was the No. 1 film. [/font]

[font=geneva,arial,sans-serif]Barry Bonds was a Pirate and about to be MVP again. [/font]

</td></tr></tbody> </table>

ntd said:
Seriously, how in the hell do you lose to a team that doesn't attempt a single pass? I think it would be a good idea to stack the line after a little while with just a skeleton core of dbs
ill tell you, it means you got your ass kicked
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ntd said:
Seriously, how in the hell do you lose to a team that doesn't attempt a single pass? I think it would be a good idea to stack the line after a little while with just a skeleton core of dbs
I live in the Seattle area and was at the game Sat. night. DLS had 9-10 players playing within 7 yds of the LOS. The lone one or two players outside the box was a safety and/or CB on the one WR split out. Bellevue's wing T is run to as close to perfection as you can get. The RBs who get the fakes get blown up on every play but the problem is they don't have the ball. And BHS QB has 4 strong, fast RBs to hand the ball off to or he can keep it himself. Bellevue does not pass the ball. Goncharoff (BHS Head Coach) must be like Woody on his thinking on the pass play because Bellevue last year passed the ball less than 30x in 14 games. Why throw the ball when you can run up the middle, off tackle and around the end?

From everything I have read and seen the kids at Bellevue have spent the last 8 months watching film on DLS and working out 2-4 hours a day every day. The only word for this is dedication and a desire to win. Their season has one goal to win their 4th straight State championship and to be the 1st team in WA to win 5 state championships. Beating DLS was big but not the teams goal for the season.

If anyone is interested I can put other thoughts on this game. But now I will go back to my lurking for better things like Buckeye football. GO BUCKS.
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