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DB Tyreke Johnson (transfer to Nebraska)


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Jacksonville (FL) Trinity Christian

Height: 6-foot-1
Weight: 191 lbs

Recruiting Notebook: Herman Visits Kirk, Buckeyes Offer Middle School DB

Jacksonville's Trinity Christian is quite the loaded football program. With several elite 2015 kids including Jeff Holland, Kevin Tolliver and Ben Edwards and even an incoming freshman with 11 college offers already, they're obviously doing something right.

The Buckeyes offered a member of that program Friday – 2018 safety Tyreke Johnson, joining LSU, Miami, North Carolina, Virginia Tech and others. While he's currently listed as a safety, potential for quite a bit more growth has to be taken into consideration - he's already 6-foot-1 and 175 lbs.

I'm personally not a huge fan of recruitment starting this early, but it's the way things are trending. The biggest aspect of recruiting kids this early that is interesting to me will be how firm the offers are. Will schools start re-evaluating prospects like Johnson from time to time and deem whether or not they are still deserving of the scholarship? Interesting to say the least, but it should be a nice heavyweight fight for Johnson's services over the next four years.
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Trinity Christian (FL) vs. Buford (GA)
Saturday, August, 23: 9 p.m. on ESPN2 from Buford High School, Buford, Ga.

No. 1 vs. No. 2 Showdown Highlights 2014 GEICO ESPN High School Football Showcase
Week 8
Trinity Christian Academy (FL) vs. IMG Academy (FL)
Thursday, October 16: 7:30 p.m. on ESPNU from IMG Academy, Bradenton, Fla.
Buckeye targets in this game: DB Ben Edwards, LB Jeff Holland, DB Kevin Toliver II, DB Shaun Wade, DB Tyreke Johnson, DB Marcus Lewis, and WR Tavares Chase, as well as a few who have committed elsewhere in Francois, Froholdt, and Jurkovic.
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Top Gun Camp: Top Performers
4) Tyreke Johnson — It’s still unknown what position the 6-1, 175-pounder from Jacksonville (Fla.) Trinity Christian Academy will play at the next level, but it’s clear he will do extremely well wherever he is put. Johnson is one of the top athletes from the class of 2018 and has the ability to be an elite defensive back or wide receiver. He did his part to show off his talent on both sides of the ball this week. At wide receiver, most defensive backs struggled to hang with him due to his speed, long stride, and leaping ability. At defensive back, most wide receivers couldn’t handle his physicality at the line-of-scrimmage and his ability to cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time. Johnson is fun to watch. It’s clear that his effort, not to mention his ability to talk and back it up, gave his opponents fits all week.
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Pro Impact will be at tOSU on Thursday & Tyreke is expected to be a part of the tour.
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Buckeyes recruiting him as a corner which is good because he's one of only a few corners in this class (Surtain and Campbell being the others) that could make me forget about Anthony Cook.

Clemson expecting him on campus this weekend for an official. Previously took an official to UCLA. It's possible he could be deciding after the Clemson visit considering he is an early enrollee.
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