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DB/PR Garcia Lane (Official Thread)


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Garcia Lane played as a DB and punt returner from 1981-83. He held tOSU's career record for punt return yardage at 895 yards, until David Boston broke the record in 1998. He still co-holds the Big-10 record for punt returns for TD's in a single game, 2 against Purdue on Oct. 8. 1983.

He was all Big-10 in 1983, and was selected in the 3rd round (#61 overall) by Kansas City in the 1984 NFL draft.
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Pretty good db in the early 80's (pre Spielman) I think he played on the 85 Bears team too. (edit, I am wrong. that was shaun gale)


He holds the record for the most punt returns for a TD in one game against Purdue in 83 (2 td's).(161 yds 26.8 per return)

Also career leader in return yards (Dispatch)
Career: Garcia Lane, 895 yards, 1980-83
and All Big Ten in 83

2nd in punt return career (89-895)

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The silver anniversary captain, who will speak at the Captains Breakfast, is Garcia Lane. Lane, a three-year letterman at defensive back from 1981 to '83, was captain of the 1983 Buckeyes and set several Ohio State and Big Ten punt-return records. He played six seasons of professional football, and his son Shaun is a junior cornerback for the Buckeyes.

BuckeyeXtra - The Columbus Dispatch : Buckeyes to honor former captain
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6. GARCIA LANE, 1981
As a sophomore, Garcia Lane made an immediate impact for Earle Bruce. The Youngstown native recorded 13 pass break-ups in 12 games, the best per-game mark in program history for an Ohio State safety.

Lane ended the year as the conference's top punt returner. He held that title for the next two years of his career, leading the Big Ten in punt returns his junior and senior year while finishing his career with six interceptions.
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